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It's a fact - your clients will forget you, your company, your excellent products, and your innovative service if you don't keep in touch. Relying on the occasional advertisement or quarterly phone call alone isn't enough. How many people do you remember you spoke to six months ago and haven't heard from since?

And when you communicate with your clients with a "call me when you need a ...", they've already forgotten you.

Today getting new clients and keeping current clients is the #1 reason your business may grow while another will lose out. Regularly staying in touch with your contacts, sharing helpful information, explaining how to solve common problems, and keeping them informed builds engagement and helps keep you top of mind.

Research shows that 34% of Americans report checking their email more than ten times daily. And on average, people spend two hours and twenty-seven minutes on social media daily. Engaging email newsletters and social posts with valuable information is the most cost-effective and efficient way to nurture your prospects and keep your clients and customers thinking about you.

You need to steal mind-share by building a relationship so that when your clients and customers need help, you're the first person that comes to mind. But then you must maintain this relationship so no one else can ever steal that mind-share from you. While email newsletters and social media posts aren't the only ways to stay top of mind, they're inexpensive and effective and can be automated.

Your custom email newsletters and social media posts from Newsletter Station are automatically updated weekly, with content guaranteed to appeal to your contacts. We manage the entire process; you don't need to do anything from week to week, so you can focus your time on running your business.

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