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Do you offer a free trial?
How does billing work?
Is there a contract, how do I cancel?
What is included?
What is the price?
Where are you located, can we talk over the phone?
Newsletter Content
Can we insert our own content into the newsletter?
How is the content selected?
Where do you find the content?
Will the content in my newsletter conflict with our recommendations?
Newsletter Design
How can I be sure that my newsletter is being read by my customers?
How do I change the logo for my newsletter?
Is my email newsletter branded for my business?
Will my email newsletter look good on a smart phone?
Email List
Do you ever purge subscribers from my list?
How are unsubscribes handled?
How do I build my email list?
Is my contact list exclusive?
Who will supply the email addresses?
Will you send other emails to the subscribers on my list?
Messages & Ads
Are ads included in my email newsletter?
How do I manage the Ads?
Can I send the newsletter myself?
Could my contacts receive the same newsletter from a competitor?
How will you prevent my email newsletter from being caught in spam filters?
When is the email newsletter sent to my contacts?
Who is listed as the sender of the newsletter?
Will I receive replies directly from my branded newsletter?
Social Media
Do you have a program to update my Facebook page?