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Do you offer a free plan?
Yes, you can start with a free plan. See Plans

How does billing work?
All paid plans are billed monthly, and users can cancel at any time with a 30-day notice. See Price Plans.
  • Free Plan - This plan is completely free but limited to 100 contacts.
  • Flex Plan - You can use any bulk email service to send your newsletter. Depending on the service selected, you will have a monthly fee with your bulk email service, plus the monthly fee with Newsletter Station.
  • Pro Plan - We will send your newsletter using an exclusive Mailchimp account. You will have a monthly fee with Mailchimp, plus the monthly fee with Newsletter Station.
  • Plus Plan - We will send your newsletter using an exclusive Mailchimp account. The Mailchimp costs and the Newsletter Station costs are combined. Prices vary depending on your contact list size.

Is there a contract, how do I cancel?
With paid plans, the agreement is monthly with no long-term contract. If you're not happy, you can cancel at any time.

What is included?
Your newsletter includes your business name, logo, and contact information. With paid plans, you can include a message at the top of the page, plus two optional ads. A new edition of your newsletter is built each week.

What is the price?
Click here to see Price Plans.

Where are you located, can we talk over the phone?
Our mailing address is 6 Liberty Square #2040, Boston, MA 02109. If you have a paid plan, we're happy to chat directly with you over the phone. If you have a free plan, you are limited to email communication with our service team.

Newsletter Content

Can we insert our own content into the newsletter?
You do not have the option to change the top-page blog, article links, or other content placed in the newsletter. However, with paid plans, you can have a custom message placed at the top of your newsletter. In addition, with paid plans, you have two large ad spaces to include custom content or links to information you may have hosted on your website or Facebook page.

Do you have different content options?
We have content options to cover over 50 different business markets, from accountants to real estate agents, to window cleaning services, and lots in between. The content is selected by our experienced human editors and updated weekly. See the full list.

Do you include blogs?
Every week, the editors at Newsletter Station create a custom blog to use as the top story. The intriguing blog titles are also used as the email subject line to maximize the email open rate. With paid plans, the top-story blog is branded, including the newsletter sponsor's name and logo, to help boost the sponsor's trust and credibility.

Eleven unique content selections in each update
Each week, our editors select eleven unique pieces of content to include in every newsletter, including a top-story blog, seven article links, a cartoon, a trivia question, a what-year-was-it quiz, and a quote-of-the-week. With paid plans, the top-story blog is branded, including the newsletter sponsor's name and logo, to help boost the sponsor's trust and credibility.

How is the content selected?
Our team of editors selects the content based on a continual review of thousands of newsletters over many years. We know from analysis the types of articles people find most interesting and engaging.

Where do you find the content?
The content is gathered from current articles found in various online publications, magazines, blogs, newsletters, and other news outlets. Our seasoned editors carefully choose content that aligns with the newsletter's primary theme and refresh it on a weekly basis. This ensures that the content remains up-to-date and resonates with the reader. Furthermore, our editors post a weekly blog as the top story in all newsletters. With enhanced plans, the blog is branded, including the newsletter sponsor's name and logo, to help boost the sponsor's trust and credibility.

Will the content conflict with our recommendations?
While we avoid controversial articles and subjects, we can't always be sure that the articles we select will adhere to your approach or recommendations. However, the source is listed, so your contacts will know you were not the originator of the content. The goal is to provide your contacts with a range of interesting articles so they look forward to every issue.

Newsletter Design

How can I be sure that my newsletter is being read by my contacts?
Our newsletters are written and designed to ensure the highest level of interest. If you have a Mailchimp account, you can download your subscriber list anytime. Each contact on your list will have a Member Rating indicating how active and engaged they are with your newsletter.

How do I change my newsletter logo or header information?
We're happy to change your logo and header details anytime needed. You use our contact forms to request changes.

Is my email newsletter branded for my business?
Yes, we work with you to ensure the custom branding of your newsletter is polished and professional. We update the code to display your business logo, newsletter name, photo, company name, and address. We also use colors in the navigation bar and various places to match your business colors to further sync with your brand.

Will my email newsletter look good on a smart phone?
Your email newsletter code is specifically designed to look great and will be easy to read, on full computer screens, laptop screens, tablet screens, or smartphones.

Will the navigation include links to our website?
We can place up to three navigation links in your newsletter code. These links can connect to important pages on your website.

Will the newsletter include custom colors?
Your newsletter uses a dual-color theme to match your company branding.

Email List

Do you ever purge subscribers from my list?
You have full control over your contact list so we will never purge any contacts. However, you may wish to purge subscribers from your account if they have not opened your email newsletter over an extended period. This process ensures your email list remains active with a high open rate.

Do you validate email addresses?
With paid plans, we have a free service to validate your contact email addresses before they're added to your account. You need to submit at least 25 addresses per batch for this service. To validate email addresses, we run them through a multi-factor test. This process identifies misspelled email addresses and filters out old, abandoned email addresses so you can avoid adding them to your email account.

Eliminating inactive email addresses may lower your bulk email service costs, but more importantly, it will help reduce bounced email addresses and spam complaints. Rest assured, the contact email addresses you submit for validation are never stored, shared, sold, or used in any way. This valuable service is not offered with the Free Plan.

How are unsubscribes handled?
Anyone who unsubscribes via the unsubscribe link included in each email newsletter is automatically removed from your list. If you have a validated Mailchimp account, you will also receive direct replies to your newsletter, so you can remove contacts as requested.

How do I build my email list?
If we use Mailchimp to send your email newsletter, you can upload individual email addresses or upload them in batches. For Mailchimp accounts, we also build a hosted subscribe page for you so people can subscribe to your newsletter list directly. Your list is single opt-in, so new contacts are added immediately without a secondary confirmation.

Is my contact list exclusive?
With Mailchimp accounts, your contact list is exclusive to you and never shared with anyone. With the Flex Plan, you manage your contact list through your bulk email provider.

Is my email list secure?
With the Flex plan, you may use any bulk email service to send your newsletter. With all other plans, your email list is managed through your own Mailchimp account. Mailchimp takes precautions to protect your information and your email list. When you submit a list of email addresses, they are exclusive to you and never shared with anyone. If you cancel in the future, you can download your contact list before your account is closed. Learn about Mailchimp security.

Who will supply the email addresses?
You supply the contact email addresses. You can gather your contact email addresses from customer lists, in-house lists, LinkedIn contacts, and any other sources you may have.

Will my email newsletter be personalized?
With the Plus plan, the message you can add to the top of your email newsletter can start with "Hello" followed by your contact's first name. Personalizing your email newsletter is a great way to make your contacts feel valued and special.

Will you send other emails to the subscribers on my list?
We will only send your contacts your custom newsletter. However, if you have a Mailchimp account, you can send separate messages, ads, promotions, or anything you wish. With the Flex Plan, you manage your email contact list and the email broadcasting process yourself.

Messages & Ads

Are ads included in my email newsletter?
With all paid plans, your newsletter includes two optional ads promoting your business. You can use your ads to spotlight new products, special offers, promotions, discounts, activities, events, or anything you'd like to promote. You can submit banner-style ads or let us build them for you. With paid plans, there is no cost to build your ads. We can also include text-style ads, which our analysis has proven to outperform banner-style ads, making them a choice worth considering.

It's important to note that your newsletter will not display any external or third-party advertisements. Please be aware that custom ads are exclusively available with our paid plans and are not included in the Free Plan.

Can we include our own messages?
With all paid plans, you can place a custom message at the top of the newsletter page. Your top-page message is the first thing readers will see, so it has a big impact. The top-page message is optional; you can leave your message up for multiple issues or change it weekly. The custom top-page message is not an option with the Free Plan.

How do I manage my ads?
To update or change your ads, you will submit requests using our Contact Us form. We make those changes for you. Ads are not an option with the Free plan.

Which performs better, text ads or banner ads?
The performance of text ads versus banner ads can vary depending on several factors, including the specific goals of the advertising, the platform (email, website, etc.), and the target audience. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to whether text ads or banner ads perform better, it may surprise you to learn that text ads outperform banner ads when used in email newsletters.

This is not simply our opinion; it's backed up by data. Over the past ten years, we've sent millions of email newsletters containing both text ads and banner ads. We've analyzed the click activity, and text ads are the clear winner. Outperforming banner ads by over 2 to 1.

Why is this so? Text ads are often more straightforward and convey a message or call to action clearly and concisely. Banner ads may be visually appealing and eye-catching, but there is a high degree of banner blindness. This is a phenomenon in online advertising where the viewer/reader consciously or subconsciously ignores or overlooks banner ads. Readers are skilled at identifying these elements and often quickly skip over them without reading or engaging with the content.


Can I send the newsletter myself?
With the Flex Plan, we provide you with email-ready code weekly, and you send your newsletter yourself. You can copy and paste the code, including any updates or changes, and then use a bulk email service provider to send your custom email newsletter.

Could my contacts receive the same newsletter from a competitor?
An email address on your list could also be on another list using a similar Newsletter Station email newsletter. But we know from analysis this is extremely rare.

How will you prevent my email newsletter from being caught in spam filters?
If we send your newsletter using a Mailchimp account, we take all possible steps to ensure your email newsletters reach the inbox of your subscribers. With the Flex Plan, you will be sending your newsletter yourself, so spam management depends on the performance of the bulk email platform you use.

Is the process automated?
With all plans, we build a new edition of your newsletter each week. With the Flex Plan, we update your newsletter code weekly, and you send it yourself using your bulk email service provider. With other plans, we automatically send your newsletter to your contact list weekly, every other week, or monthly. You don't need to do anything from week to week, as we automatically send a new, engaging version of your newsletter to your contact list.

When is the email newsletter sent to my contacts?
With the Flex Plan, you send your newsletter using your bulk email service provider on the day you decide. With other plans, your email newsletter is automatically sent to your contact list on Wednesdays, either weekly, twice per month, or once per month, based on your preference.

Who is listed as the sender of the newsletter?
If we send your newsletter using a Mailchimp account, we verify your website domain so the sender name subscribers will see in their inbox is your email address or another email address you control. This way, any direct replies will go immediately to you. With the Flex Plan, the sender is controlled using your bulk email account.

Will I receive replies directly from my newsletter?
If we send your newsletter using a Mailchimp account, we verify your domain address, so your newsletter will be sent from your email address. Replies to your newsletter will come directly to you. There is no added cost for this service. With the Flex Plan, replies are managed depending on the setup with your bulk email service provider.

Social Media

Do you have a program to update my social media pages?
With paid plans, we can automatically update your social media pages with the top-story blog pulled directly from your newsletter. With paid plans, the top-story blog landing page is branded, including the newsletter sponsor's name and logo, to help boost the sponsor's trust and credibility.