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Pro Plan

$49.00/month *

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* Additional Mailchimp fees for lists over 2000 contacts.

Flex Plan

$49.00/month *

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* Additional bulk email service fees may apply.

Free Plan

$0/month *

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* Includes up to 100 contacts. Switch plans for larger lists.


$19.00 Each

Over 50 Markets
Do it yourself with a customizable email newsletter template.

Why Newsletter Station?

You'll have a comprehensive email marketing system on auto-pilot that runs itself.
You'll build your brand as your contacts receive your engaging email newsletter, week after week, month after month.
You'll enhance your trust and credibility by sharing helpful, informative, and entertaining content.
You'll look professional with a leading-edge newsletter design that looks great on computers, tablets, and smartphones.
You'll stay top-of-mind with your contacts year-round based on the frequency of your engaging newsletter.
You'll boost your stature. Your contacts will view you and your staff as advisers and mentors.
You'll grow your sales. Your customers will think of you first when asked for a recommendation or referral.

Newsletter Content

Your newsletter is filled with interesting, informative, and engaging content curated from thousands of sources.
We offer over 50 market-specific content options. See our Markets page.
Your newsletter includes a trivia question, a quote, and a cartoon to entertain your contacts.
Your newsletter includes an optional top-page message to communicate directly with your contacts.
Your newsletter includes two optional ads from you to showcase offers, promotions, events, or anything you wish.

Newsletter Design

Your newsletter includes your logo and custom colors.
Your newsletter includes navigation links to important pages on your website.
Your newsletter includes a subscribe link and subscribe form to grow your contact list.
Your newsletter uses a responsive design, so the newsletter adjusts to various screen sizes.

Newsletter Account and List

You have secure access to your Newsletter Station account to manage your messages and ads.
With the Pro and Free Plans, you have secure access to your own Mailchimp account to view reports and monitor activity.
With the Flex Plan, you can use Mailchimp or any other bulk email platform to send your newsletter.

Newsletter Broadcasting

With the Pro and Free Plans, your newsletter is emailed to your contacts on Wednesdays at the time you specify.
With the Pro and Free Plans, you can select once per month, twice per month, or weekly.
With the Flex Plan, you use Mailchimp or your current bulk email service to send your newsletter on your schedule.
With all plans, you can send your contacts additional custom emails and messages.
Your email contacts will never receive spam or other unexpected emails from Newsletter Station.
With the Pro and Flex Plans, your account includes the option to auto-post to your business Facebook page.

Get Started

1.Complete the form below. Within two business days, we'll build your free evaluation newsletter.
2.We'll load your newsletter with content designed to appeal to your contacts.
3.We'll send you a link to review the layout, content, and customization.
4.No rush. When you're ready, we'll activate your account.
5.We'll give you a secure login to the Newsletter Station platform.
6.If you select the Pro or Free Plan, we'll give you a secure login to your pre-built Mailchimp account.
7.Pro and Free Plans - we'll begin sending your email newsletter once you submit your initial list.
8.Flex Plan - each week, we'll provide you with custom newsletter code to use with your existing bulk email service.
9.The agreement is month to month. You can cancel at any time.

Pro Plan Pricing

List Size Newsletter Station Mailchimp
1-2000 $49.00/Month $0/Month
2000-2500 $49.00/Month $30.99/Month
2500-5000 $49.00/Month $52.99/Month
5000-10000 $49.00/Month $78.99/Month
Newsletter Station price is always $49.00/month.
See Mailchimp pricing for large lists.

Flex Plan Pricing

List Size Newsletter Station Email Service *
Unlimited $49.00/Month Price Varies
* Additional costs depend on the bulk email service used.

Free Plan Pricing

List Size Newsletter Station Mailchimp
25 to 100 $0/Month $0/Month
Minimum 25 contacts.
Over 100 contacts switch to Pro Plan or Flex Plan.

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