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    Discover seven reasons why you should send your contacts an email newsletter.

  • Build Trust

    #1 You'll build trust.

    #1 You'll build trust. People do business with people they know, like, and trust. An email newsletter will build your credibility by sharing interesting, informative and entertaining content.

  • Stand Out

    #2 You'll stand out.

    #2 You'll stand out. In a competitive market it's difficult to build your own identity. A well designed email newsletter will ensure you and your business stand out.

  • Build Stronger Relationships

    #3 You'll build stronger relationships.

    #3 You'll build stronger relationships. Your contacts want to hear from you. Stay top-of-mind using a weekly or monthly email newsletter and you'll keep people engaged throughout the year.

  • Generate More Leads

    #4 You'll generate more leads.

    #4 You'll generate more leads. An email newsletter is a perfect way to present offers, highlight a service or product, promote activities or events, or anything you wish.

  • Become a Mentor

    #5 You'll be viewed as a mentor.

    #5 You'll be viewed as a mentor. With an engaging email newsletter, your contacts will view you and your staff as advisors and mentors. They'll remember you when they need help or asked for a recommendation.

  • Grow Your Brand

    #6 You'll grow your brand.

    #6 You'll grow your brand. A newsletter prominently showcasing your company name and logo along with your photo is a surefire way to promote your business and personal brands.

  • Grow on a Budget

    #7 You'll
    grow on
    a budget.

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    #7 You'll grow on a budget. You can get started with an engaging, content-filled email newsletter for $29.00/month that includes a new issue every week. Complete the form below.

Once your happy with the free newsletter templates we build for you, you can activate your account.

The initial activation fee is only $9.00. Billing is month to month, you can cancel at any time.

We can send your newsletter once each week, twice per month, or once each month. The price is based on your email list size, not the email frequency.

If you prefer to send the newsletter yourself, we'll provide you with all the code to use with any bulk email broadcast system.

Below are the monthly costs after the one-time activation fee of $9.00.

Includes automated Facebook posts pulling content links directly from your publication. icon icon icon
Includes your own custom ads to highlight offers, promotions, events or anything you wish. icon icon icon
Includes your own professionally built banner ads for a polished, professional look. icon icon icon
Includes your business logo at the top of the page to reinforce your business brand. icon icon icon
Includes your own custom top page message, the first thing your contacts will see. icon icon icon
Includes your personal photo to reinforce your personal brand. icon icon icon
Includes 12-15 topical content items selected by our experienced editors. icon icon icon
Includes updating all the content items once each week. icon icon icon
Includes up to four navigation links to your website. icon icon icon
Includes links to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram pages. icon icon icon
Includes an entertaining cartoon, trivia question, quote and video link. icon icon icon
Includes all your contact information, address, phone, website, email etc. icon icon icon
Includes everything involved with sending your publication to your email list. icon icon icon
Includes the option to send weekly, twice per month or once per month. icon icon icon
Includes a link to your past archives for reference by your contacts at any time. icon icon icon
Includes a custom subscribe form you can place on your website to grow your list. icon icon icon
Includes a secure system login to change your top page message and ads. icon icon icon
You can upload additional contact lists, or download your current contact list at any time. icon icon icon
Your design looks great on all screen sizes including full screens, tablets and smart phones. icon icon icon
Includes security and protection of your exclusive email list. You list is never shared or sold. icon icon icon
  • Prices shown in the table below are per month.
  • There is no long-term contract, you can cancel at any time.
  • If you plan to send your email newsletter yourself the price is $39.00/month.
PRICES Blog Brief Letter
Email List Price Price Price
Up to 250 $29.00 $39.00 $39.00
251 - 500 $39.00 $49.00 $49.00
501 - 1000 $59.00 $74.00 $74.00
1001 - 2000 $84.00 $99.00 $99.00
2001 - 3000 $109.00 $124.00 $124.00
3001 - 4000 $134.00 $149.00 $149.00
4001 - 5000 $159.00 $174.00 $174.00
5001 - 6000 $184.00 $199.00 $199.00
6001 - 7000 $209.00 $224.00 $224.00
7001 - 8000 $234.00 $249.00 $249.00
8001 - 9000 $259.00 $274.00 $274.00
9001 - 10000 $284.00 $299.00 $299.00
Over 10,000 email addresses add
$25/month for each batch of up to
1000 additional email addresses.
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