Once we've completed your newsletter design you can begin with a no credit card 60 day free trial. We'll give you a secure login to our system so you can upload your contact list. During the free trial you can upload a maximum of 1000 email address contacts. After the free trial you can upload more contacts with no limit.

We'll send your custom email newsletter to your contact list for 60 days at no cost. That's up to 8 free newsletters! We'll contact you by the end of the 60 day free trial to request a credit card if you wish to continue.

We can send your email newsletter once each week, twice per month, or once each month. The price is based on your email list size, not the email frequency. See prices below that apply after the 60 free trial.

If you prefer to send the newsletter yourself, we can provide you with the code. You should be able to place the code into any bulk email broadcast system and manage the email broadcast process yourself. The cost is a flat rate of $39.00 per month.

Email List Size Price/Month Email List Size Price/Month
Up to 250 $39.00/month 4001 - 5000 $174.00/month
251 - 500 $49.00/month 5001 - 6000 $199.00/month
501 - 1000 $74.00/month 6001 - 7000 $224.00/month
1001 - 2000 $99.00/month 7001 - 8000 $249.00/month
2001 - 3000 $124.00/month 8001 - 9000 $274.00/month
3001 - 4000 $149.00/month 9001 - 10000 $299.00/month

Over 10,000 add $25/month for each batch of up to 1000 additional email addresses.
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