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    Discover six reasons why you should use email marketing.
    The six reasons to use email marketing are to build trust, to stand out, to staying top of mind, it beats social media, it connects a face with your business, and it's a bargain.

  • Build Trust

    #1 You'll build trust.

    #1 You'll build trust.
    People do business with people they know, like, and trust. An email newsletter will build your credibility by sharing interesting, informative and entertaining content. Learn more ...

  • Stand Out

    #2 You'll stand out.

    #2 You'll stand out.
    In a competitive market it's difficult to build your own identity. A well designed email newsletter will ensure you and your business stand out. Learn more ...

  • Stay Top Of Mind

    #3 You'll stay top of mind.

    #3 You'll stay top of mind.
    It's a fact - your contacts will forget you if you don't keep in touch. Your business can stay top-of-mind all year long with an engaging email newsletter. Learn more ...

  • Generate More Activity

    #4 Email
    beats social

    #4 Email marketing beats social media marketing.
    The median return on investment for email marketing is 122%. Social media marketing comes in a distant second with a 28% ROI. Learn more ...

  • face on your Marketing

    #5 You'll connect a
    face with your

    #5 You'll connect a face with your business.
    Connecting a face with your business will help ensure you're viewed as friendly and relatable. Learn more ...

  • Grow on a Budget

    #6 Email marketing
    using Newsletter
    Station is a bargain.

    Prices start at

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    #6 Email marketing using Newsletter Station is a bargain.
    You can get started with an engaging, content-filled email newsletter for $39.00/month that includes a new issue every week. Complete the Free Sign Up Form.

To grow your business, you need to communicate frequently with your contacts. But week after week, month after month, it's time-consuming just to stay in touch.

The easiest way to stay connected is with an email newsletter branded to showcase you and your business.

1. We build a newsletter template branded exclusively for your business.

2. Once each week we change all the content, the articles, the trivia question, the cartoon, everything.

3. We send your newsletter to your contacts, on your schedule, weekly, twice per month or once per month.

Built to Showcase You and Your Business

Your Name

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Your email newsletter is custom built including your logo, photo, business and website address, and phone number. Your newsletter uses a classic, time-tested design to make sure you always look polished and professional.

By delivering informative content to your contacts every month, they'll view you and your staff as advisors and mentors. When your contacts need your products or services, your business will be the first one on their mind.

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Packed with Great Content

In today's busy world it's time-consuming to create fresh, engaging content to include in a newsletter.

We update your newsletter every week with new articles and features focused on topics that will appeal to your contacts.

Your newsletter also includes a trivia question, a quote, and a cartoon to entertain and delight your contacts. Your contacts will look forward to every issue.

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Includes Your own Custom Ads

Every issue of your newsletter includes two ads designed by you to showcase offers, promotions, discounts, activities, events or anything you wish.

Also included is an optional top-page message written by you. This message is your way of personally communicating directly with your entire contact list all at once.

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How it Works

Complete the form above and we'll build an initial free demo email newsletter for your business. We'll send you a link for your review. Once your ready, the initial activation fee is only $9.00.

Monthly billing is based on your email list size starting at $39.00/month. Billing is month to month, you can cancel at any time.

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Business People Love Newsletter Station

Lisa Grooms
Owner, Sand Dollar Accounting
"My participation in this newsletter has been overwhelmingly positive. My clients take time to let me know that they love the content. Every week the newsletter makes my professional image increase positively. Thank you."
Frank Rubin
President, Amerivest Group
"The service you provide is second to none. The software is easy to navigate allowing me to update my contact list with ease. Thank you again for this great product. I will continue to recommend it to associates."
Shellie West
CEO & Founder, Bluffton Chamber of Commerce
"I have received very good comments on our newsletter. We have a greater list of sponsors that are participating. This is added value for our members and creates potential sponsors for the newsletter. Great job!"

An Email Newsletter That Runs Itself

Set It and Forget It

We manage everything required from week to week so you can focus your time growing your business.

Real Value at a Low Cost

After the activation fee of $9.00, the cost starts at $39.00/month. A tremendous bargain for high-level branding.

Custom Ads and Messages

Your newsletter includes a top-page message plus two custom ads to promote anything you wish.

Automatic Facebook Updates

Includes an option to update your business Facebook page twice each week with content from your newsletter.

Build Your Credibility

Your newsletter uses a classic, time-tested design to make sure you always look polished and professional.

Your Email List is Secure

Your contact list is protected, secure, backed up and never used for any purpose other than your newsletter.

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