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Radon can enter your home if you have a difference in the air pressure between your home and the outside air. Is it time to have your home tested for radon? We inspect for the unexpected.
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Tim Fernandez
A to Z Home Inspection
527 Mount Olive Road
Atlanta, GA 30303
Punch List
Tips and ideas to help you keep your home looking new.
September 21, 2022
What You Should Know Before Renovating Your Kitchen
Few renovations can make an impact on a home like a full kitchen remodel. After living in his home for a decade and a half, Family Handyman Creative Director Vern Johnson decided to make some major changes to his kitchen space. "Over the last fifteen years, we've lived with a kitchen that was about nine feet by …
Family Handyman
Try This Easy Hack To Silence Creaky Old Pipes
One of the most stressful and jarring ways that our homes can ruin the serenity of a peaceful life is with noisy pipes. The sound seems to come from …
House Digest
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Radon can enter your home if you have a difference in the air pressure between your home and the outside air. Is it time to have your home tested for radon? We inspect for the unexpected.
Kids Room Trends
Comfort and convenience are the main components in creating comfortable conditions in the house. The interior of the kids room 2024 is a special case …
New Decor
The Home Maintenance Issue That You Shouldn't Ignore
Homes need work over time. Yet sometimes to avoid shelling out extra cash, homeowners may feel inclined to ignore their home's repair warning signs. If …
Apartment Therapy
A to Z Home Inspection | 527 Mount Olive Road | Atlanta GA 30303
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