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8 Reasons Why

1. Build Your Credibility

People do business with people they know, like, and trust. A custom email newsletter sent to your contacts will build credibility by sharing interesting, informative and entertaining content.

2. Look Your Best

Your custom email newsletter from Newsletter Station uses a clean, clear design to make sure you always look polished and professional.

3. Build Your Relationships

If you want to build strong relationships, it's important to communicate with the people who matter most. Stay top-of-mind and you'll keep people engaged throughout the year.

4. Generate More Leads

Every email newsletter from Newsletter Station includes two ads from you to promote offers, highlight a service or product, detail activities or events, or anything you wish.

5. Grow On A Budget

You can begin with a 60 day free trial. After your free trial your monthly costs starts at $39.00/month. That's a tremendous bargain for high-level branding.

6. Build Your Brand

Your newsletter is custom built including your logo, name and photo at the top of the page to deliver a consistent brand-building message.

7. Become A Mentor And Advisor

With an engaging email newsletter your contacts will view you and your staff as advisors and mentors. They'll remember you when they need help and when they're asked for a recommendation.

8. Engage Your Contacts

Your custom newsletter is loaded with articles, features, quizzes, quotes and a cartoon your contacts will enjoy. There is also a free option to automatically update your business Facebook page with content pulled from your newsletter.
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