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There's a good chance you already know you need to find the best ways to connect with your contacts. You've probably even been told that your marketing efforts should include a human face - a strategy we've all seen adopted by some of the biggest brands around. But why is that such a crucial piece of the marketing puzzle?

So many successful marketing campaigns include a human personality because it helps form a strong human connection. And no matter what market you're in, connecting with your contacts on a human level will help you increase engagement. So, how does a human face help you create that connection?

Using a face in your marketing gives you an identity. Of course, your logo can (and should) be used to identify you, but your identity can appear impersonal and even cold without a face. The truth is people don't connect with logos like they connect with faces. So putting a face to your marketing can help establish your business as friendly and relatable.

Remember Flo from Progressive? She's an instantly recognizable character who makes an uninteresting subject more personable. Studies about memory have shown that people tend to have an easier time recognizing faces than names. When you put a face on your marketing, your customers and contacts are more likely to remember you.

We all tend to trust people more than we trust companies. A human face that creates an identity for your business forms a connection that will set you apart from your competitors. Putting a face to your marketing is a strategy you should use to build the strongest possible relationship with your contacts.

Every newsletter we send at Newsletter Station has the option to include a personal photo in the header and footer to ensure you're friendly and relatable. And every time we automatically post to your social media accounts, you reinforce your personal and business brands if your photo is displayed on the page.

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