September 27, 2023
What's Covered with Renter's Insurance?
Renting a home is an exciting experience, but safeguarding your belongings and yourself is crucial. Renter's insurance is an affordable form of protection every renter should consider. It covers personal property, including …
Capital Shield Agency
How to Negotiate with Debt Collectors
In the latest financial advice, the article shares crucial tips on how to effectively negotiate with debt collectors. The article …
The New Rules of Allowances for Kids
The rules of allowances for kids are getting a modern makeover. Parents are reevaluating how they handle allowances, moving away …
Her Money
Protect Your Finances From Stagflation
The Investopedia article discusses the economic phenomenon of stagflation, which occurs when a stagnant economy is plagued by high inflation …
Life-Changing Money Habits of Super Savers
As reported, super savers are revolutionizing retirement planning with their life-changing money habits. These financial wizards have cracked the code …
Her Money
Are CDs FDIC insured?
The article discusses the safety of Certificates of Deposit (CDs) and their FDIC insurance coverage. CDs are widely considered a …
SF Gate
How is interest income taxed?
Taxing interest income is a crucial financial consideration, and this recent article delves into this subject. It explains that interest …
"I can complete the project under budget and ahead of schedule, but you'll need to allocate additional time and money for that."
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John Adams Appointed to Negotiate Peace Terms with British
What Year
The Continental Congress appoints John Adams to travel to France as minister plenipotentiary in charge of negotiating treaties of peace and commerce with Great Britain during the Revolutionary War.
The day was Sep 27. What year was it?
Quote of the Week
"Managing and navigating through a financial crisis is no fun at all."
Howard Schultz
There is a $1 bill and a $2 bill. How about a $3 bill?
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