Newsletter Station


Below is a small sample of comments from Newsletter Station users and their contacts.
Threshold, Nosh and Dwell
"I must tell you, before I found Newsletter Station I was working with another newsletter company that didn't really provide the content and style that you have. I wanted to give my clients something more relevant and powerful. I even tried doing it myself. I am so happy I found you. I have had several of my clients ask me "Who does your newsletter?". Thanks again for making me look good."
Gerald Grinter
The Growth Coach - Shepelak
As an executive coach, I have received great feedback from my clients and others in my marketplace regarding the content quality of the Newsletter Station newsletters that I have had sent out weekly over the last two years. The look of the newsletter is high quality and the variety of content that they select and build into my newsletter fits my very diverse marketplace. From a revenue standpoint, I know that the newsletter has resulted in significant revenue, so the ROI has been tremendous. The newsletters are a great way to stay connected in a value-giving way and it is very low-effort, on my end"
Tim Shepelak
Scrimshaws Ltd.
"I am very excited about your program. It seems we have tried everything on earth. All of it is costly and none of it seems to work very well. Newsletter Station seems like such a good fit and you do all of the work. Such a deal!"
Linda Gramera
Gregory LaMorte, DDS, LLC
A comment from a patient. "Thank you for the thoughtful note on good health."
Dr. Gregory LaMorte
Indianola Chamber of Commerce
A comment from a member about our newsletter. "The things you share are another way the Chamber adds value to members."
Brenda Easter
Borshoff and Associates
A comment from a client. "Your newsletter is informative. People are visual and sometimes a person will read more if they recognize the face on the newsletter."
Brian J. Borshoff
The Growth Coach - Treu
A comment from one of my clients. "This is an awesome compilation of reads. Finding myself - reading as well as sharing to improve the team overall. Thank you."
Kurt Treu
Sand Dollar Accounting
"I wanted to take a minute to congratulate you on the Newsletter. My participation in this newsletter has been overwhelmingly positive. My clients take time to let me know that they love the content. It makes my professional image increase positively. Thank you."
Lisa Reavis Grooms
Patrick Thomazin, CPA
A comment from a client. "Thanks for this useful information!"
Patrick Thomazin
Altius Search Group
A comment from a client. "Oh, it's that handsome recruiter again with a relevant article. I was just thinking how I need to partner with a recruiting firm that can meet my insatiable demand for top talent. I better give him a call."
Mike DiGregorio
Stranger, Tallman & Lautz Accounting
A comment from a client and newsletter reader. "A very informative issue, Gina. Thanks!"
Gina Tallman
Tydeman Dolen
"I am still receiving very complimentary feedback about the newsletter. Thanks for making us looks so good!"
Pat T Dolen
Weaver Business Coaching
"I have been sending weekly newsletters through Newsletter Station for some time now. Our customers look forward to receiving it each week and find the content useful and relevant. Because the newsletter has my company name, logo and contact information, it has been wonderful for solidifying the brand regularly with customers and prospects alike"
Keith Weaver