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Five Reasons You Should Use Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing For Your Animal Hospital

1. Your animal hospital will look professional and stand out?

Email Marketing for Animal Hospital
Does this sound familiar? You're sitting around trying to figure out how to engage your customers, stay top-of-mind, or stand out. Every animal hospital has faced this challenge. Regardless of your market share, it's tough to be unique and stand out.

Two very effective tools you can use that will help your animal hospital stand out week after week, month after month, are an email newsletter matched with social media posts. But it's not that simple.

The problem with most email newsletters and social media posts is the focus. Newsletters and social media posts often focus on you and your animal hospital when they should focus on the needs and desires of your customers.

Effective email newsletters and social media posts go light on overt self-promotion and focus on the reader with engaging, relevant, and timely information.

2. Your animal hospital will stay top-of-mind without being annoying.

It's a fact - your customers will forget you, your animal hospital, your excellent products, and your innovative service if you don't keep in touch. Relying on the occasional advertisement or phone call isn't enough. How many people do you remember you spoke to six months ago and haven't heard from since?

And when you communicate with your customers with a "call me when you need a ...", they've already forgotten you. Today getting new customers and keeping current customers is the #1 reason your animal hospital may grow while another will lose out.

Regularly staying in touch with your customers, sharing helpful information, explaining how to solve common problems, and keeping your customers informed builds engagement and helps keep you top-of-mind. Engaging email newsletters and social media posts with valuable information that will appeal to customers are among the most cost-effective and efficient ways of keeping your customers thinking about you.

3. Your animal hospital will build trust.

Today your customers expect more than ever. But one thing remains, the most significant characteristic your customers are looking for is trustworthiness. Your customers will only continue to support your animal hospital if you're trusted.

Communication is the key to ensuring you keep the trust you've earned. If you send your customers tips and ideas to help them keep their pets looking and feeling great, they'll always think of you when their pets need care or when asked for a recommendation. An engaging email newsletter and matching social media posts will help ensure your trust with your customers remains rock solid.

4. You'll build the brand of your animal hospital.

You might think branding is just for big businesses. Big business brands spend millions on building and protecting their brands. But it doesn't matter how large or small your animal hospital may be; if you're in business, you need to focus on branding.

You've designed a logo, selected brand colors and images, written your story, and created your website. These elements represent how your business and its offerings present you to the world. Your brand distinguishes your animal hospital from others, especially your competitors.

Now you need to reinforce your brand messaging with unrelenting and consistent exposure. You can use television or radio advertising, print advertising, billboards, and other branding options. But many of these options are expensive and require lots of your time and energy.

Fortunately, you can use a few inexpensive branding tools to reinforce your brand and do it weekly, month after month. The most affordable yet effective tools in your branding arsenal are email newsletters and social media posts.

5. You'll get more referrals for your animal hospital.

Are you so busy your animal hospital can't handle a single additional customer? If so, you're fortunate, but most of us could use at least a few more customers.

We all know the value of referrals. People naturally trust recommendations they receive from people they know. No matter how many strategies your animal hospital uses as part of your marketing efforts, there's nothing quite like a glowing referral.

You may be providing your customer with exceptional service. Is this by itself enough to get you lots of new referrals? It will help, but good service alone is not enough. You need to be on your customer's minds when they're in a position to mention your animal hospital.

Continuous and unrelenting communication is the best way to ensure you are on their mind. The clear communication winners are email marketing and social media marketing. But remember, your communication needs to be consistent over the long term. You need to communicate several times every month to ensure you're at the top of your customer's recommendation list.