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You deserve the weekend off. Let us manage the chore of cutting your lawn, trimming the edges and hauling away all the grass clippings and debris.
Mark Williams
The Green Mower
2752 Ritter Street
Birmingham, AL 35222
Backyard Envy
News, tips, and ideas to help you keep you lawn, yard, and home looking great.
Jul 21, 2021
Managing Your Lawn In Extreme Heat
A lawn in summer heat is usually a brown lawn, but that doesn’t mean it has to be unhealthy or that it can’t rebound. Many people choose to let their grass brown up and return to green on cooler days. Whether you let this happen …
Gardening Know How
How to Sheet Mulch Your Lawn Without Digging Up Your Grass
Switching up your yard usually means ripping up the grass, tilling, and fertilizing the soil to prep for new vegetation, but why not …
Let us deal with your dirt
Make sure your backyard is always ready to enjoy.
7 Reasons You May Not Want to Kill Dandelions in Your Yard
Somewhere, somehow, after the joy of turning our cheeks and chins yellow, chaining them together for flower crowns and making wishes …
Family Handyman
Make your garden butterfly friendly
Most gardeners welcome the sight of butterflies tumbling around our herbaceous borders. Common species such as the small tortoiseshell …
How to Provide Shade in a Small Yard
In a compact yard, it can be tricky to provide sunny and shaded spots, but there are ways to do it. Take a look at these seven gorgeous …
Cherries: how to grow your own
If you have a small plot, dwarf varieties do well in containers or fan-trained against a wall or fence, and the sharper tasting 'Morello' …
The English Garden
Identify and Control Root Maggots
The sun is blazing down on your vegetable patch, and as the day heats up, you notice your cabbage is looking a little wilted. That's …
Gardener's Path
"Wind may be the energy source of the future, but it's a poor substitute for coffee."
Copyright © Randy Glasbergen
What Year Was It?
Miss America Resigns
What Year
21-year-old Vanessa Williams gives up her Miss America title, the first resignation in the pageant's history, after Penthouse magazine announces plans to publish nude photos of the beauty queen in its September issue.
The day was Jul 23. What year was it?
Quote of the Week
"Flowers are restful to look at. They have neither emotions nor conflicts."
Sigmund Freud
Approximately how much plant life is found in the ocean?
See the answer below.
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