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Become a foster parent to a pet in need. They're just looking for some love, some companionship and a place to call home. They'll give and give and never let you down.
Richard Grayson
Gray Kennels
1964 Brighton Circle
Saint Cloud, MN 56303
The Lead Dog
Articles, tips, and ideas focused on keeping your pets happy and healthy.
Sep 22, 2021
6 Essential Training Items for First-time Dog Owners
When people become dog owners for the first time, one of their top worries is how to train their fur babies properly. The good behavior and set routine that are a result of successful training make a huge difference in both …
Pet News and Views
Study: Reduced Stress on Cats Adopted by Families With Autistic Children
The Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) and EveryCat Health Foundation recently announced the results of a new study published …
Pet Age
We know how to keep tails wagging.
We're Pet Lovers Too
Five New Feline Life Stages
The American Association of Feline Practitioners and the American Animal Hospital Association recently released new guidelines for defining …
Top Halloween Safety Tips for Pets in the Spooky Season
If you're anything like myself, you will be excitedly anticipating the arrival of Halloween and what duo costume you and your pet will …
Pet Side
6 Tips for Caring for Dogs With Canine Cognitive Dysfunction
Canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD), sometimes known as "cognitive dysfunction syndrome," is similar to dementia in humans. While there …
The Bark
Symptoms of Kidney Diseases in Cats and How to Identify them
Kidney disease is one of the most severe conditions that can befall your cat, even if you don't notice the symptoms at first. If …
Pet News And Views
The Ultimate Guide to Dogs and Taxes
Most dog owners consider their furry friends to be a part of the family. We don't need to cover the countless benefits dogs provide …
The Dogington Post
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