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1. Once you complete the Free Trial Form, we build your newsletter template. Your template is unique and custom built just for you.

2. Your custom newsletter template includes your business logo, a personal profile photo, business and web address, phone number and links to your website.

3. The content we load into your newsletter is selected specifically for your clients.

4. We send you a link so you can review the layout and content in your custom newsletter to see how it positively promotes your business.

5. Once you're happy with the design, you can activate your account. The one-time cost is only $9.00.

6. We give you a secure login to our system and schedule a time to review how it works.

7. We walk you through the process for how to create appealing ads and messages that will drive action.

8. We show you how to upload your initial email list, how to add more email addresses at any time, and how to grow your list.

9. Your newsletter is always sent on Wednesdays, but you can select once per month, twice per month or weekly.

10. We set up the optional automated posts to your business Facebook page. Posts come from articles pulled directly from your newsletter.

11. We're available any time via email, and we're happy to chat by phone when you need help or assistance.

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