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1. We get started once you complete the free trial form.

2. Within a few days, we'll build your newsletter template, and your template will be unique and custom-built just for you. Your custom newsletter template will include your logo, a personal profile photo, business and web address, phone number, and links to your website. We collect these details by visiting your website or Linked-In page.

3. Once your free template is complete, we'll send you a link to review the layout and look over the engaging content.

4. If you like what you see, you can get started with a free trial. No credit card is required. We'll create a free account for you with our partner, Mailchimp. And we'll give you a separate login to our system.

5. Using our system, you can create messages and ads to enhance your newsletter.

6. You'll start building your contact list within your Mailchimp account. There is no cost with Mailchimp for up to 2000 email contacts. However, if your Mailchimp account exceeds 100 contacts, the cost with Newsletter Station will be $49.00/month.

7. All the content in your newsletter is updated every week. We automatically send your newsletter to your contacts on Wednesdays, but you can select once per month, twice per month, or weekly. If you already have an account with Mailchimp, perfect, we can automatically send your newsletter through your existing account.

8. If you use another bulk service, we can supply you with the custom template code to send your newsletter yourself.

Make your customers feel special, delight them with your engaging email newsletter. We manage everything for you, including the content.

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