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1. We get started once you complete the free trial form.

2. Within two business days, we'll build your newsletter. Your newsletter will be unique and custom-built just for you. Your newsletter will include your logo, a personal profile photo, business and web address, phone number, and links to your website. We collect these details by visiting your website or LinkedIn page.

3. Once your evaluation newsletter is complete, we'll send you a link to review the layout and design. We update all the content in your newsletter weekly.

4. We'll create a login for you to our platform so you can get started with a 30-day free Flex Plan trial. No credit card is required.

5. You will use our system to create and edit custom messages and ads to enhance your newsletter. Then copy the updated code and use a bulk email system to send your newsletter.

6. If you prefer something more automated, you can activate your account and step up to the Pro Plan. We'll automatically send your newsletter to your contacts once per month, twice per month, or weekly through a Mailchimp account that we'll create for you. If you already have an account with Mailchimp, perfect, we can automatically send your newsletter through your existing account.

7. If you prefer to continue and send your newsletter yourself, you can activate your account and stay on the Flex plan. We'll continue to update the content, and you'll have access to change your messages and ads, but you'll need to send your newsletter using your existing bulk email account.

8. After the 30-day free Flex Plan trial, if you prefer not to activate a monthly Pro Plan or Flex Plan, you can continue using a Template. You will need to edit the template with each issue to include your logo, contact information, ads, and messages. Plus, you'll need to send your newsletter using your existing bulk email account.

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