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If you want to stay on top you need to stay in touch.

If you send your customers tips and ideas to help them keep their homes looking like new, they'll always think of you when they need professional cleaning services or are asked for a recommendation.

The perfect tool for the job is an engaging and informative email newsletter. But, the difference with Newsletter Station is we supply all the content.

We automatically update your cleaning business email newsletter week to week and send it to your contact list for you, or you can send it yourself using our email-ready code. Either way, content updates are included.

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We take great care of your home and clean it as if it were our own. Let today be the day to toss away your scrub brush once and for all. Give me a call.
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Tracey M. Hayes
Happy House Cleaners
1189 Summit Street
La Motte IA, 52054
Dust Busters
Tips and tricks to help you keep your home looking like new.
September 28, 2022
Why You Should Be Cleaning Your Walls Regularly
Cleaning your walls doesn't often make your to-do list. Did you know you should be cleaning your walls regularly? Here's why, and how often. Humans built the first walls thousands of years ago, and we've been avoiding cleaning them ever since. Smudges around light switches? Of course. A sponge and some gentle …
Family Handyman
How To Keep Your Home Sparkling Clean With Minimal Effort
Maintaining a tidy home feels like a fantasy for some people. The problem is the amount of time it generally takes to make your way through your cleaning …
Well + Good
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We take great care of your home and clean it as if it were our own. Let today be the day to toss away your scrub brush once and for all. Give me a call.
5 Common Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid
Adding to or remodeling your house is one of the most exciting and creative processes you can go through. But with all that responsibility comes pressure …
Save Money With These Cost-Effective Energy Efficiency Tips
With talk of fuel shortages this winter, volatile prices and climate change concerns, making our homes more energy efficient feels more pressing than …
Family Handyman
Happy House Cleaners | 1189 Summit Street | La Motte IA 52054
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Email Newsletters For House Cleaners

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Why Does Email Marketing Work?

Week after week, your cleaning business newsletter will consistently reinforce your brand message.
You enhance your credibility and trust by sharing informative and entertaining information.
The leading-edge newsletter design looks perfect on computers, tablets, and phones.
The frequency of your engaging cleaning business newsletter will keep you top-of-mind year-round.
Using a face on your marketing help establish your cleaning business as friendly and relatable.
Your customers will think of your cleaning business first when asked for a recommendation.