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Email Marketing For House Cleaners

If you send your customers tips and ideas to help them keep their homes looking like new, they'll always think of you when they need professional cleaning services or are asked for a recommendation.

The two perfect tools for the job are an engaging and informative email newsletter combined with matching social media posts. Pulling all this content together is challenging, so let us do it for you.

We update your cleaning business email newsletter weekly with engaging, informative, and entertaining content. Then we automatically send your newsletter to your contacts. To double the impact, we also automatically post the updated content to your social media accounts. Learn more.

Eliminate the task of building a professional email marketing campaign for your cleaning business. And eliminate the stress of finding the content.

With the Free Plan, you manage the sending process yourself. With the Pro Plan, we automate the sending process for you. Either way, weekly content updates are included. Start with a Free Plan. Paid plans are only $49.00/month.


Your Cleaning Business Newsletter

Informative, Engaging, Educational, and Fun
  1. One-to-one communication.
    We help you craft a personalized message to connect directly with your customers. Tailor your message as often as you like or keep it hidden entirely. Included is your signature block with a photo, name, business details, and contact information, creating an authentic and professional touch.
  2. Consistent brand reinforcement.
    You'll make a lasting impression with a captivating newsletter name or logo. Add a descriptive tagline to amplify your brand message. Your navigation bar can feature multiple links to important pages on your cleaning business website.
  3. Every issue includes a custom blog.
    Elevate your cleaning business with our exclusive weekly custom blog providing unique branding, enhancing your online presence, and showcasing your expertise. With the flexibility to use our branding or your own, our custom blog is a powerful marketing tool that will set your cleaning business apart.
  4. Engage with compelling articles.
    Your newsletter includes a collection of carefully curated articles that will resonate with your customers. These articles are automatically updated each week, guaranteeing you fresh, interesting, and relevant content to share.
  5. Elevate with branded article summaries.
    Your newsletter includes convenient links to concise article summaries. Your personalized newsletter ensures that interesting and timely information is available for a full review or a quick skim.
  6. Maximize exposure with custom ads.
    Leverage our platform to showcase exclusive offers, promotions, activities, events, or any content of your choice. Our custom ad feature enables you to captivate your audience and drive engagement, amplifying the impact of your cleaning business.
  7. Your newsletter is informative and entertaining.
    Engaging your customers is effortless with our carefully curated cartoon, trivia, and quote sections. Entertain, surprise, and delight your subscribers, creating a memorable experience they'll eagerly anticipate.
  8. Seamless subscription and easy access to archives.
    Accelerate your subscriber growth with our embedded subscription form, allowing you to effortlessly expand your contact list. Additionally, provide quick access to your past newsletter archives, enabling your audience to revisit valuable content at their convenience.
  9. All-inclusive contact information.
    Empower your customers to reach out to you with ease. Share your complete address details, phone number, web address, and social media links, ensuring seamless communication between your business and your valued customers.
Bid farewell to the hassle of building email marketing campaigns.
Eliminate the burden of creating professional email marketing campaigns for your cleaning business. We've simplified the process, saving you valuable time and effort.

Say goodbye to content hunting stress.
Leave the endless search for captivating content behind. With our platform, you gain access to a continuous stream of engaging articles, effortlessly keeping your newsletter fresh and exciting.

Choose the plan that suits you best.
With our Free Plan, you retain full control over the sending process. Upgrade to our Pro Plan, and we'll automate the sending for you, providing seamless and hassle-free delivery with many enhanced features. Both plans include weekly content updates, ensuring your newsletter remains cutting-edge.

Start with the Free Plan and explore the possibilities. Our paid plan is only $49.00 per month, delivering unparalleled value for your investment.
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Week after week, your cleaning business newsletter will consistently reinforce your brand message.
You enhance your credibility and trust by sharing informative and entertaining information.
The leading-edge newsletter design looks perfect on computers, tablets, and phones.
The frequency of your engaging cleaning business newsletter will keep you top-of-mind year-round.
Using a face on your marketing help establish your cleaning business as friendly and relatable.
Your customers will think of your cleaning business first when asked for a recommendation.

Five reasons you should send an email newsletter to your customers.