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We take great care of your home and clean it as if it were our own. Let today be the day to toss away your scrub brush once and for all. Give me a call.
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Tracey M. Hayes
Happy House Cleaners
1189 Summit Street
La Motte IA, 52054
Dust Busters
Tips and tricks to help you keep your home looking like new.
May 11, 2022
Should You Dust or Vacuum First?
Whether you’ve considered them or not, there are practical reasons for doing household cleaning chores in a certain order. Take vacuuming vs. dusting. The goal of both is to get rid of dust and dirt, but each can stir up more of both. So, should you vacuum first or dust first? We spoke to cleaning experts to illuminate …
Family Handyman
Clean Marble Countertops Thoroughly Without Chemicals
While many renters and hopeful home owners pay special attention to the surfaces in an apartment, townhouse, or house—namely, hardwood floors and …
Well + Good
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We take great care of your home and clean it as if it were our own. Let today be the day to toss away your scrub brush once and for all. Give me a call.
Your Guide to 10 Popular Bathroom Styles
Whether you're tackling a bathroom remodel with the help of a bathroom designer, architect or contractor, knowing which style resonates with you can be …
3 Organizing Hacks You Can Probably Skip (and 3 You Shouldn’t)
With just a few swipes through your social media feed, you're bound to land on a very inspiring photo (or five!) of a perfectly organized space filled …
Apartment Therapy
Greige Interior Design Inspiration
We lived harmoniously with beige as a light and warming base colour and celebrated grey as a cool and moody successor. Now, all attention is on …
Home Designing
Spring Clean a Metal Roof
A good spring cleaning can up your home's curb appeal and prepare it for the coming summer season. Many projects that make the biggest impact are easy …
Today's Homeowner
8 Tips for Harmony in the Kitchen
There are probably as many ways to handle cooking and kitchen chores as there are people — is it any wonder the kitchen tends to be a hub for minor …
"You're in luck! We just listed a lovely 3 bedroom split-level Tupperware!"
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Happy House Cleaners | 1189 Summit Street | La Motte IA 52054
House Cleaners
Tracey M. Hayes
Happy House Cleaners
1189 Summit Street
La Motte IA, 52054
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