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How can my business look professional and stand out?

Does this sound familiar? You're sitting around trying to figure out how to best engage your customers, stay top-of-mind, or stand out. Every business has faced this challenge.

Regardless of your market share, it's tough to be unique and stand out.

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One simple tool you can use that will help you stand out week after week, month after month, is an email newsletter. But it's not that simple.

The problem with most business email newsletters is the focus. Newsletters often focus on the sender when they should focus on the needs and desires of the reader.

A well-designed business email newsletter should be 90% educational and only 10% promotional.

While your customers may love you and want to hear from you, there's just so much promotion you can push at them before they tune out.

Effective email newsletters go light on the overt self-promotion and focus on the reader with engaging, relevant and timely information.

Even when people subscriber to an email newsletter, there's no guarantee that they will open the email once it's delivered to in their inbox.


Because there's nothing in the subject line that piques their interest at that moment.

Your email newsletter needs a well-crafted email subject line. The email subject line should be different from issue to issue, creative and engaging.

At Newsletter Station
Every issue of every business newsletter uses an intriguing email subject line. The email subject lines are carefully selected by our experienced editors to ensure every newsletter has the highest open rate and the highest level of engagement.

Jeff Ferry
Founder, CEO
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