June 6, 2018
The Optimal Length for Your Email Newsletter
There is plenty of information out there from experts offering their opinion of the optimal length of an email newsletter. Some even get so specific as to list a certain number of lines or words. However, the answer is not quite as simple as this. The ideal length for your email newsletter is dependent on a lot of factors. These range from the content of your newsletter, the layout, and design to who your reader ...
May 15, 2018
Put a Face to Your Marketing
In today's competitive environment, branding is a critical component of your business' success. However, for many businesses branding their company name is no longer enough and these branding efforts should further extend into personal branding. Branding initiatives for both your business and yourself can go a long way to differentiating your company. Personal branding offers the opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your field, all while building credibility. Putting an actual name and ...
April 3, 2018
Reverse Text vs. White Text - Which Is Best?
You most often see websites using black text on a light background since it's easy to read. However, using white text on a dark background also has its advantages. Knowing when to use one over the other can help make your design stand out and more engaging. When it comes to text on websites, users normally either read or scan. Reading takes more time to focus on words and comprehend the meaning. Scanning is more ...
March 6, 2018
Customizing the 'From' Email Address of Your Newsletter
Many businesses put a lot of thought into the subject line of their email marketing campaigns, but neglect to put much thought into the 'from' field. This is a big oversight that can dramatically affect the delivery and open rate of your email campaigns. In many cases, the from email address will not be seen by the recipient, however, for replies and forwards this will be visible. While a recognized 'from' email address delivers some ...
February 6, 2018
Why You Should Remove Unengaged Subscribers
You probably already know the importance of removing bounced email addresses from your list to improve deliverability. But you may not know that it is also worthwhile to periodically remove unengaged subscribers from your email database as well. An unengaged or inactive subscriber can also have a negative impact of the overall delivery of your email campaign. ...
January 2, 2018
What is the Best Time to Send Your Email Newsletter?
Marketers asked what time to send their email marketing campaign will often respond with the standard answer, "Tuesday through Thursday between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM". But is this really the best time of day for all businesses? It has been common knowledge across the board that most people check their email in the morning. This is typically the case for both business and personal email. However, with the shift to much of email being ...
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