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January 20, 2020
Keeping your email list as clean and free of bad addresses as possible can go a long way to affecting the deliverability of your campaign. You may be surprised by what constitutes a "bad address". It goes without saying that you should always remove duplicate and bad, or bounced, email addresses from your list. There are actually two different types of email bounces – hard bounces and soft bounces. A hard bounce is an email ...
December 8, 2019
Just like your web site, it's critical that your emails look great on mobile devices. You typically have one opportunity with your email to get the reader's attention. With more and more people accessing their email from a mobile device, it has become imperative that the design of your email looks great regardless of whether it's viewed on a computer, tablet or smartphone. With staggering numbers such as 47% or higher of all emails opened ...
November 8, 2019
One questions that many businesses have about email marketing have, regardless of whether they have been emailing their customers for a while or are new to email marketing, is who the sender should be. Should the sender be a person's name or the business name? Which will get the highest deliverability for your email marketing campaigns ...
October 12, 2019
There is plenty of information out there from experts offering their opinion of the optimal length of an email newsletter. Some even get so specific as to list a certain number of lines or words. However, the answer is not quite as simple as this. The ideal length for your email newsletter is dependent on a lot of factors. These range from the content of your newsletter, the layout, and design to who your reader ...
September 10, 2019
In 2003 the Federal Trade Commissions passed the CAN-SPAM Act to help control the massive amount of spam flooding inboxes across the country. The goal of this act is to reduce the amount of junk email sent every day, while also making it easier for businesses sending legitimate emails to deliver these to their customers. Following some simple rules can ensure that your company abides by the CAN-SPAM Act while using best practices for your ...
August 15, 2019
In today's competitive environment, branding is a critical component of your business' success. However, for many businesses branding their company name is no longer enough and these branding efforts should further extend into personal branding. Branding initiatives for both your business and yourself can go a long way to differentiating your company. Personal branding offers the opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your field, all while building credibility. Putting an actual name and ...