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Is the Agency Plan a Good Fit For You?

Do you help small businesses, individual clients or associations with marketing or branding?
Do you have a network of business clients or website visitors seeking solutions to help them grow?
Do you operate a franchise and help your franchisees with marketing.

How it works

We build a white label section within our platform branded for your agency.
You have administrator access to the platform and see all the clients you manage in the system.
You use a simple online form to request the addition of new clients to your account.
When we receive your new client request, we build a free trial newsletter for you and your client to review.
If your client wants to proceed with a Free plan, there is no cost to you or your client. See Plans.
If your client wants to proceed with a Flex Plan or Pro plan, your cost is fixed at $36.00/month/client.
You can mark up the cost, or bundle the fee into other services you may provide. See Plans.
You can manage your client accounts and update their top page message and ads, or give your clients direct access themselves.

Newsletter Content

Your client email newsletters are filled with interesting, informative and engaging content curated from thousands of sources.
We offer over 50 market-specific content options. See our Markets page.
Your client newsletters include a trivia question, a quote, and a cartoon to entertain their contacts.
Your client newsletters include an optional top-page message to communicate directly with their contacts
Your client newsletters include two optional ads to showcase offers, promotions, events, or anything they wish.

Newsletter Design

Your client newsletters include their logo and custom colors.
Your client newsletters include navigation links to important pages on their website.
Your client newsletters include a subscribe link and subscribe form to grow their contact lists.
Your client newsletters use a responsive design so the newsletter adjusts to various screen sizes.

Newsletter Account and List

You and/or your clients have secure access to your Newsletter Station account to manage messages and ads..
With the Pro and Free Plans, you and/or your clients have secure access to an exclusive Mailchimp account to view reports and monitor activity.
With the Flex Plan, you and/or your clients can use Mailchimp or any other bulk email platform to send newsletters directly.

Newsletter Broadcasting

With the Pro and Free Plans, your client newsletters are emailed to their contacts on Wednesdays at the time they specify.
With the Pro and Free Plans, your clients can select once per month, twice per month, or weekly.
With the Flex Plan, you or your client copy and paste code we supply to send newsletters using Mailchimp or any bulk email service.
With all plans, you and or your clients can send contacts additional custom emails and messages.
Your client's email contacts will never receive spam or other unexpected emails from Newsletter Station.
With the Pro and Flex Plans, your client accounts includes the option to auto-post to their business Facebook page.

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The agreement is month to month, you can cancel at any time.

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