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Want to train like a celebrity? At our club you have access to the latest equipment and workout routines. But more, you work out one on one with our team of professional workout specialists.
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Michelle Smith
Strength Training & Conditioning
4470 Braxton Street
Minooka, IL 60447
Fitness Focus
Tips and ideas to help you stay fit, happy, and healthy.
August 10, 2022
Successfully Completing a Fitness Journey
As cliché as it might sound, you must approach things just one day, one meal, or one workout at a time. It's the basis of the ATTA concept, an approach to living that inspires greatness and promotes balance, coined by retired U.S. Navy SEAL Mike Sarraille, host of the Men's Journal Everyday Warrior podcast. When you …
Men's Journal
I Don't Look 'Pretty' While Working Out, and That's Okay
I'm nearing the end of my third set of overhead presses. My arms are quaking with the effort of lifting the dumbbells above my head. I create a power …
Well + Good
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Want to train like a celebrity? At our club you have access to the latest equipment and workout routines. But more, you work out one on one with our team of professional workout specialists.
Aerobics Isn't the Only Exercise that Can Slow Mild Cognitive Decline
Cheer up couch potatoes! Regular stretching and balance and range of motion exercises are as good as aerobic exercise in slowing the progression of …
The Bulgarian Split Squat For Leg Size, Strength, Mobility
Most dedicated lifters show up to the gym ready to do what it takes to work towards their goals. But it's not always fun and games, and some workouts …
Breaking Muscle
Strength Training & Conditioning | 4470 Braxton Street | Minooka IL 60447
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Template Instructions

This page includes instructions to build a custom health club email newsletter.

You need a code number to download the current template. The template code number is updated weekly. If you do not have the code number, complete the TEMPLATE form.

The free template does not include a cartoon, trivia question, or quote. Email address validation services and automated Facebook posting are not included with templates. These services are available with the Pro and Flex Plans. If you prefer, we can manage the entire process for you. Learn more.

Template Code Download
  1. If you haven't done so, complete the TEMPLATE form to obtain the 6-digit template code.
  2. Newsletter Station templates are normally updated weekly on Wednesdays by 9:00 AM US Eastern Standard Time. The current issue is dated August 10, 2022. Complete the form again if needed to obtain the code number for the latest update.
  3. Enter the Template Code number in the box above and click Template Code Download to open the webpage with email-ready code for the current issue.
  4. Type Control+U to display the HTML source code.
  5. Copy and paste the source code into a basic text editor such as Notepad. Be careful if using Microsoft Word, as it may corrupt the code.
  6. Follow the various instructions to modify the HTML code. You can change the top page message, signature block, newsletter name or logo, navigation links, ads, social media links, address information, and subscription details. Here is an example of a code instruction <!-- START OPTIONAL TOP PAGE MESSAGE --> The instructions do not impact the code and do not need to be removed.
  7. Many sections are optional, and you can remove them if you wish.
  8. If you modify the HTML code to include a company logo or various images, those images will need to be hosted on a web server or with your bulk email service.
  9. Once you have completed all changes, save the file to your computer.
  10. Copy the HTML file into your email application, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc. Your bulk email system must allow for the use of raw HTML code.
  11. Preview the template within your bulk email system and make further edits if needed.
  12. Send a test email to yourself through your bulk email system and view the email on a desktop computer and smartphone if possible.
  13. Make further edits if needed. Once you're happy with the results, send the newsletter to your contact list.