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Feb 13, 2019
Local Arborist Explains How To Assess Trees For Possible Risks
A deadly tree-fall accident that killed two people in a Point Loma Heights home Monday has many people wondering how they can maintain ...
NBC News
When Do Succulents Bloom: Learn About Flowering Succulent Care
Most of us grow our cacti and succulent plants for the attractive and unusual foliage. Flowers on a succulent are a special surprise ...
Gardening Know How
Problem Plants to Avoid in the Garden
In the autumn of 2012, along with a small band of volunteers and employees, I began the process of revealing the remnants of my first ...
How To Use Epsom Salt For Sweeter Tastier Tomatoes
First of all, Epsom salt is not salt. It is NOT something you put on your food! It's actually a compound called magnesium sulfate ...
Plant Care Today
Love is in the air: Romantic garden designs
With Valentine's Day right around the corner, your customers might be desiring a little something extra in their landscape to create ...
Total Landscape Care
What’s Hot This Year? Top Five Landscape Trends For 2019
What do pergolas, pink, and metals have in common? They all make an appearance on the National Association of Landscape Professionals' ...
Importance of Proper Drainage in Your Yard
Standing water and poor drainage in your yard can cause several serious problems, including: Attracting and increasing mosquitoes in your ...
Today's Home Owner
This Floral Arrangement Fast-Forwards Your Home Into Spring
Florist Ariella Chezar is known for a loose and playful style—an aesthetic that took root during her decade-long stint in the San Francisco ...
Companion Planting for Garden Magic
I've been a fan of Fine Gardening for well over a decade now, and I'm very excited to finally submit a shot of my garden for your ...
Fine Gardening
How To Grow Succulents That Attract Bees And More
Much of our food supply depends on pollinators. As their populations decrease, it is important that gardeners provide what these ...
Gardening Know How
"I took 15 minutes to stop and smell the roses. When I came back, my wife was gone, my kids were in jail, my business went bankrupt and all of my plants were dead."
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Approximately how many identified plant species are there?
See the answer below.
Let's Celebrate Pumpkins this Year
The National Garden Bureau (NGB) has selected its Plants of the Year for 2019, and vegetable gardeners should be especially pleased. Pumpkins ...
Vegetable Gardener
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"Well tended garden is better than a neglected wood lot."
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Approximately how many identified plant species are there?
Answer: There are over 300,000 and the list is growing all the time