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Dec 11, 2019
The Mobile Opportunity: Recognizing the Power of Apps and the Mobile Web
Last year, global consumer spend in the app stores reached $101 billion, and consumers spent, on average, nearly three hours daily on …
How Retailers Should Approach AI and Big Data During Holiday Seasons
But many retailers miss the mark because they fail to understand a key way to secure a successful season ahead: shifting their …
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Three ways to use predictive analytics to grow your business
The crystal ball–oft spoken of in folkloric terms, but never available when you need it–has entered the realm of possibility. In our …
Direct-to-Consumer Brands Are Reshaping the Face of Retail
The We Company was worth $47 billion and then it wasn't. Peloton Interactive, branded like We to be valued as a tech company and not …
9 tips for balancing automation and personalization in your marketing
Many make the mistake of depending too heavily on personalization, creating an expectation that is difficult to achieve. I find that …
How to Follow in Nike's Footsteps When Marketing Your Business
In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Eric Siu discusses Nike's overall marketing plan and how a smaller business can emulate the …
Now is the time to position your site for a successful start to 2020
It is the holiday season again, and you know what that means… the year is almost over and it's time to start preparing our SEO strategies …
Search Engine Land
Why Every Sales and Marketing Team Needs a “Boundary Spanner”
Advances in data, technology, and analytics continue to bring new opportunities for improving sales and marketing effectiveness. Digital …
Harvard Business Review
Tactics to Guarantee Your Team Will Dominate the New Year
With Thanksgiving over and January fast approaching, sales leaders and teams are pivoting their focus to next year. As you set your …
Sales & Marketing Management
How to Win Holiday Season Marketing with Relevance and Timing
There's nothing like a classic holiday scene. Snow dusts the ground, smoke climbs from the chimney and Hershey's Kisses "Christmas …
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In 1984, Gillette reportedly offered members of which rock band $1 million each in an unsuccessful attempt to get them to shave their beards for a television commercial?
See the answer below.
The One Thing Every Marketer Should Do
And it makes sense because every time a search engine or a social network changes their algorithm, we jump …
Neil Patel
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In 1984, Gillette reportedly offered members of which rock band $1 million each in an unsuccessful attempt to get them to shave their beards for a television commercial?
Answer: Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill of ZZ Top