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May 22, 2019
The consumer insights you need to improve your marketing strategy
The fast paced, ever changing environment, means insight into customer behaviour is crucial. Leveraging Dynata’s global, first-party ...
Marketing Week
6 Times AI Tried to Get Creative, and How the Results Turned Out
While artificial intelligence has advanced to the point where it's able to generate creative content, the technology's output is still ...
The rise of podcast advertising: 32% of Americans are tuning in
Research shows that about 144 million people in the US are listening to podcasts in 2019. And podcast advertising earns 4.4x better recall ...
Align Sales and Content Marketing Teams
Businesses traditionally grow to a size at which Sales and Marketing are forced into separate corners. But business leaders recognize ...
Marketing Profs
A Manual SEO Audit Can Improve Your Sales Funnel
The world we live in today is one where the intangible has never been such a vital part of daily life. Empires are built on information ...
Sales & Marketing Management
7 Tips for Network Marketing Success
You probably have an image firmly planted in your mind of what network marketing (also known as direct sales or multilevel marketing ...
Here’s why truth in brand storytelling matters
Everlane and The New York Times remind us that a call-to-action has to deliver on the story you're sharing while Patagonia's commitment ...
Marketing Land
"What software would you recommend to give my presentation so much flash and sizzle that nobody notices that I have nothing to say?"
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Great Emigration Departs for Oregon
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A massive wagon train, made up of 1,000 settlers and 1,000 head of cattle, sets off down the Oregon Trail from Independence, Missouri.
The day was May 22. What year was it?
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"Great companies are built on great products."
Elon Musk
To celebrate its one-hundredth anniversary in 1860, what did the Lorillard Company put at random in packages of it Century brand of tobacco?
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Trivia Answer
To celebrate its one-hundredth anniversary in 1860, what did the Lorillard Company put at random in packages of it Century brand of tobacco?
Answer: $100 bills