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Feb 13, 2019
This Human Food Could Kill Your Pet Before You Arrive Home
Sadly, I continue to run across new items about dogs made sick or worse after being fed peanut butter containing xylitol. I’ve addressed ...
Healthy Pets
Federal lawmakers introduce bill to protect animals during disasters
Earlier this week, U.S. Reps. Dina Titus (D-Nev.) and Pete King (R-N.Y.) introduced the Providing Responsible Emergency Plans for Animals ...
Animal Wellness
Signs Your Cat Is Bored Silly and You'd Better Do Something About It Fast
Like all things feline-related, your cat's behavior can be difficult to understand at times. For example, there's the "Pet me! Why are you ...
Healthy Pets
Scratch On, Scratch Off
Cats scratching either humans or household items is common for cat-owning consumers. But many of those consumers do not realize there ...
Pet Age
Video: How to brush your pet's teeth
February is National Pet Dental Health Month. Dental disease can not only cause bad breath, but also mouth pain, tooth loss and even damage ...
Smart Brief
What Makes A Dog Hypoallegenic?
Anyone suffering from allergies knows what a nuisance they can be. Whether they’re inconvenient seasonal allergies or more series ...
Bark Post
Pet parents worry about dog, cat food safety amid recalls
Hill's Pet Nutrition's recent recall is a reminder that safety remains one of the driving forces in the U.S. pet market today. A 2018 ...
Do Bigger Dogs Equal Smarter Dogs? New Study Offers Answers
Bigger dogs, with larger brains, perform better than smaller pups on certain measures of intelligence, new research shows. Larger-brained ...
The Bark
Unique pets have unique veterinary care needs
Like dogs and cats, pet guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits, birds and reptiles need ongoing veterinary care to stay healthy, writes veterinarian ...
Smart Brief
9 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Dog on Valentine’s Day
In our complicated and busy life, sometimes the only thing that we look forward to is reaching home and hugging our four-legged ...
The Dogington Post
"Of course I love my parents. They're two of my favorite pets!"
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What animal can catch 1,200 mosquitoes-sized insects in just one hour?
See the answer below.
10 Foods To Fight Disease In Dogs
How important is your dog's health to you? I know it's important, otherwise you wouldn't be here! If health depends on immunity, should you ...
Dogs Naturally
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What animal can catch 1,200 mosquitoes-sized insects in just one hour?
Answer: A brown bat.