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May 22, 2019
18 Signs That Your Cat Is Sick
Could your cat be sick? It may be difficult to know if subtle changes in your cat indicate a health problem. Cats are experts at hiding illness. In the wild, this instinct can protect them from predators or other cats that might ...
The Spruce Pets
Up to 80% of Cats Suffer This Permanent Condition by Age 3, Does Yours?
When it comes to your kitty's oral health, seeing is not believing. In fact, unless you've been brushing those tiny teeth regularly ...
Healthy Pets
How To Stop Your Dog From Chewing Everything in Sight
Does your dog have a tendency to wrap his teeth around everything in sight? One sure sign of a new dog or puppy owner is chewed up edges ...
The Dogington Post
Banner Sample
Why dogs shouldn't be allowed to chew sticks
Veterinarian Mickey Tivers surgically removed a stick and repaired an esophageal puncture in a Labrador puppy that swallowed a cigar-size ...
Smart Brief
Choosing the right cat breed for your personality
Shelters are overflowing with felines of all ages and personalities. Taking some time to understand more about the different cat ...
Animal Wellness
Homemade cat food diets could be risky
One quick Google search can net hundreds of homemade cat food recipes, but a new study from researchers at the University of California ...
Neglected cat's transformation is completely amazing
With her ginger fur, chartreuse eyes, adorable derpy tongue and sweet personality, it's no surprise that from the moment she arrived ...
Best Friends
What it's like to foster a feisty, cute puppy who also happens to be blind and deaf
He's amazing and incorrigible, sweet and feisty. My new foster puppy is an Australian shepherd who is ridiculously brilliant ...
Mother Nature Network
"To sign up for dog obedience classes, press 1. To speak with one of our trainers, press 2. Good boy!"
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Bismarck Sunk by the Royal Navy
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The British navy sinks the German battleship Bismarck in the North Atlantic near France. The German death toll was more than 2,000.
The day was May 27. What year was it?
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"What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight - it's the size of the fight in the dog."
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Instead of roaring, cheetahs make what kind of sound?
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Instead of roaring, cheetahs make what kind of sound?
Answer: Chirping.