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Feb 13, 2019
12 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes
Every year, the rainy season ushers in springtime, which is a welcome arrival. Rather less unwelcome is what spring—and then, eventually, the heat of summer—inevitably brings. Mosquitos buzz in, emerging from eggs laid in ...
Southern Living
4 Tips for Preventing Springtime Pests
With the recent Polar Vortex in the Midwest, it’s hard to think about spring. But it will be here one of these days. As springtime approaches ...
Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas
Creating the perfect contemporary living room is all about balancing style and interesting architectural features without sacrificing ...
Homebuilding & Renovating
What to Know When Moving Into a New Construction Neighbourhood
While there are certainly a lot of great reasons to buy a home in a newly built neighbourhood—the latest energy-efficient ...
RIS Media
Get Rid of Mold and Mildew in the Mustiest Corners of Your House
We've all seen black gunk in the corners of the shower or those white, powdery spots that coat cardboard boxes stashed in a damp basement ...
Good Housekeeping
Creative Tips to Organize Your Craft Room
These nifty tips and tricks will help you organize your craft room while still keeping its cottage flair. Crafting is messy. But it can ...
Cottages And Bungalows
10 Ways to Organize Your Books That Don’t Involve Color
Organizing books by color can be a fun way to sort a shelf or two (especially for visual learners like yours truly), and there's no ...
Choose the Right-Size Heating and Cooling System
No matter what type of heating and cooling equipment you ultimately pick — heat pump, furnace, boiler, or something else — it should ...
Fine Homebuilding
This One Thing Will Make Your Small Bedroom Feel so Much Bigger
By New York City standards, my bedroom is huge, which basically means it's the size of a walk-in closet in the Midwest. But I'm a ...
Apartment Therapy
The Average Kitchen Remodel in 2019 Costs This Much
Thinking of renovating your kitchen this year? White kitchens, colorful kitchens, modern kitchens, classic kitchens, cottage-style ...
Southern Living
How To Create Furniture Vignettes
Furnishing a whole room, let alone a whole house, can be daunting. Here's how to ease in. You have to start somewhere! To get your feet ...
Old House Online
"We're looking for a nice home near a lousy school. If we buy a house, we can't afford to send our kids to college."
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5 Things That Shouldn’t Influence Which Home You Buy
All too often, there are easy-to-fix surface issues with a home that might keep a prospective buyer from purchasing it, but ...
RIS Media
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