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May 22, 2019
Patriotic Nail Designs Perfect for the 4th of July
Upgrade your Independence Day beyond the fireworks and barbecues by rocking patriotic nail art this summer in red, white, and blue ...
Good Housekeeping
Yes, You Should Be Exfoliating Your Scalp
I always thought of scalp scrubs as an unnecessary extra step. I have a lot of hair as it is, and shampooing and conditioning alone take ...
Banner Sample
Choosing the Perfect Work Bag
If you like to take a pride in your appearance and care about how people perceive you, then you'll be all too aware that the devil is ...
Mens Fashion Magazine
Don't Let Facial Redness Caused by Rosacea Scare You Off Blush
Most people's first attempt at wearing blush goes something like this: you swirl your brush in the pan, dab it on your cheeks, and panic ...
7 Sandals Trends We Can't Wait to Wear When It's Warm
We truly can't wait for the day when we break out our open-toe shoes and let our bare feet breathe fresh air. In fact, we're actually ...
The Most Creative, Unique, and Daring Celebrity Makeup Looks of 2019
Celebrities are veering outside of the typical lanes of smoky eyes and red lipstick on the red carpet in favor of more colorful, bold ...
Spring/Summer Tops That Look Great Tucked In
For a long time, tucking a T-shirt into your trousers fell under the same dreaded umbrella of 'dad fashion' as zip-up fleeces and light ...
Fashion Beans
"Don't dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want. I want a job that let's me kick some butt!"
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