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Aug 14, 2019
Watering Tips for a Bountiful Edible Garden
Watering is essential for any landscape, but it’s at the top of the to-do list if you’re growing an edible garden. Most edibles …
Fireflies As Pest Control – How Are Fireflies Beneficial To Gardens
Fireflies are a treasured part of the summer garden. Also known as lightning bugs, these insects are unique for their ability to "light …
Gardening Know How
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11 Adorable Mini Succulents Uses + Growing Tips
Anything mini is automatically irresistible, like a miniature horse, coffee mug, shoe or even a paper clip! There's a whole world of mini …
Pro Flowers
Container Gardening: Strikes and Gutters
Here in Vermont, we're just starting to reap the rewards of our hard garden work. I love chatting with fellow gardeners about what's …
Kids Gardening
How to Fix a Leaning Fence
Does the fence around your home lean or sag? It's a common problem that usually looks much worse than it really is. Whether you're …
Today's Home Owner
The Perfect Shrub for the Fall Transition | Plant Recommendation
Gardeners have argued for years about whether fothergilla should be known as a spectacular spring shrub or as an overlooked beauty …
Fine Gardening
Olive Tree Care: How to Grow Olives at Home
Olives are a rare edible with aesthetic qualities that are second to none. It's hard for an olive tree not to be good-looking. Those …
Create a butterfly friendly garden
Sadly, over the last 150 years, four species of butterfly have become extinct and three quarters of British butterflies are in …
The English Garden
National Avocado Day Tree Planting Tips
It's National Avocado Day! Celebrate by planting an avocado tree at a customer property! While locations in frost zones are restricted …
How to Landscape Your New Deck
Think of landscaping around a deck as gift wrapping—it makes something seem more special. Aesthetically, plants help anchor a deck …
Family Handyman
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What function does caffeine serve in a coffee plant?
See the answer below.
80 Quotes About Flowers to Freshen Your Day
Flowers are a gift to this earth. As Gerard De Nerval once said, "Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature." They paint …
Pro Flowers
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Gold Discovered in the Yukon
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While salmon fishing near the Klondike River in Canada's Yukon Territory, George Carmack reportedly spots nuggets of gold in a creek bed. His lucky discovery sparks the last great gold rush in the American West.
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Quote of the Week
"Trees and plants always look like the people they live with, somehow."
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What function does caffeine serve in a coffee plant?
Answer: A pesticide.