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Jan 23, 2019
Tips for indoor winter gardening
Plenty of vegetables thrive when planted indoors. Among these are a variety of lettuces, arugula, spinach, kale, microgreens, tomatoes, and carrots, just to name a few. As someone who enjoys salads daily, I chose to grow arugula and butterflayspinach. To start, all you need are a few items ...
Record Journal
50 Hints for Planning Your Best Garden Ever
Grab a Calendar: Set aside a large-format wall calendar just for gardening notes. Use it for goals, several-step garden projects and timely ...
Family Handyman
What Are Regina Cherries – How To Grow Regina Cherry Trees
What are Regina cherries? These luscious cherry trees, introduced from Germany in 1998, produce fruits having a sweet-tart flavor and an ...
Gardening Know How
How to Protect Your Garden from Frost and Freeze
One of the biggest worries of gardeners is the threat of freezing weather and frosts that can harm or kill plants and damage crops. Here's ...
Today's Home Owner
2019 All-America Selections: Tested Garden Favorites
Each November, January and July, All-America Selections, a nonprofit organization that tests new plants for home gardeners, announces its ...
Northern Gardener
Step by Step: How to identify trees
There are an estimated 23,000 different kinds of trees in the world. While it's impossible to know them all, it's important for landscape ...
Landscape Management
Top 10 Winter Bloomers For Your Flower Garden
These late-winter bloomers boast white, pink, purple and red blossoms nodding above leaves that resemble lily pads. Cyclamen prefer partial ...
Birds & Blooms
Surviving Winter With an Indoor Garden
I live in northern New Jersey, where I have a large outdoor summer garden from May through October. Being an avid gardener, I also have an ...
Fine Gardening
"I respect that you're a vegetarian, but I can't authorize using an artichoke heart for your transplant."
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What Year Was It?
Wham-O Produces First Frisbees
What Year
Machines at the Wham-O toy company roll out the first batch of their aerodynamic plastic discs - now known to millions of fans all over the world as Frisbees.
The day was Jan 23. What year was it?
Quote of the Week
"No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth, and no culture comparable to that of the garden."
Thomas Jefferson
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A cluster of what fruit is called a hand?
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