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Oct 23, 2019
Kitten Care 101
There are two types of consumers: the ones who have never had a pet and will grab any product they see that they think they need, and the ones who do meticulous research on the type of pet they want and the products they need …
Pet Age
A Guide to Finding Lost Dogs
No one wants to contemplate losing their four-legged companion, but it does happen. Dogs become lost for a variety of reasons. They …
Pet News and Views
Superfoods for Dogs That Are Worthy of Your Attention
Have you heard the latest buzz around superfoods? It does seem like every week we're told 'eat more x', 'cut out y', 'a little bit …
K9 Magazine
Banner Sample
10 Telltale Signs of Pet Tumors You Should Never Ignore
Veterinarians are seeing more cancer in more and younger pets today than ever before. According to the American Veterinary Medical …
Healthy Pets
Help! My Dog Ate Halloween Candy, What Do I Do?
With Halloween on the horizon, grocery stores and households are filling up with candies and chocolates. While some dentists may see …
The Dogington Post
Study suggests many pet rabbits aren't getting the care they need
Many pet rabbits show signs of neglect such as overgrown nails and teeth, digestive issues, and skin problems and might be leading …
Smart Brief
Ways to keep your senior cat healthy and happy
By the time cats reach the age of ten, they're officially considered senior citizens. Fortunately, many kitties are living into …
Animal Wellness
3 Ways To Improve Home Health And Comfort For You And Your Pets
Most of us spend a huge portion of the day away from home. At an office, in front of a computer, on the phone, or on our feet …
Pet News And Views
‘Severe risk’ from resistant bacteria in raw pet food
In the journal "Royal Society Open Science," University of Zurich scientists wrote that the prevalence of antimicrobial-resistant …
Woman reunited with dog lost 12 years ago
When Katheryn Strang received a call that her lost dog had been found, she was bowled over. Dutchess, a toy fox terrier, somehow escaped …
Is Your Cat Happy? How She'd Answer if She Could Speak
Cats are inscrutable little creatures, which is to say, they can be very hard to read. Is my cat comfortable? Is she happy? Who the …
Healthy Pets
"Ask your doctor if the embarassing head cone is right for you."
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What was the first animal to be domesticated?
See the answer below.
How To Detox Your Dog
The food your dog eats, the air he breathes, and the water he drinks all contain a common ingredient … toxins. So …
Dogs Naturally
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Hostage Crisis in Moscow Theater
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About 50 Chechen rebels storm a Moscow theater, taking up to 700 people hostage during a sold-out performance of a popular musical.
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"There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats."
Albert Schweitzer
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What was the first animal to be domesticated?
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