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Aug 14, 2019
10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring an Interior Designer
With resources like Pinterest and Instagram, there are literally millions of inspirational home design photos at your fingertips …
Family Handyman
Backsplashes That Add a Touch of Flair to the Kitchen
In the kitchen, the space behind the range or above a counter presents a homeowner with an opportunity to make a statement without …
Banner Sample
10 Tips for a Budget-Smart Kitchen Remodel
A few months ago, on FHB podcast episode 180, we touched on the topic of budget-friendly kitchen remodeling ideas. In response …
Fine Homebuilding
Incorporating Dome Ceilings in Your Home’s Design
A dome ceiling adds beauty and architectural interest, while making the room look larger and more spacious. Whether it is a recessed …
Fresh Home
Home Design Trends on the Rise
What will homeowners be asking for in their homes in the near future? While a crystal ball wouldn't be realistic, a reliable alternative …
Stunning Sunroom Ideas
Finding that a conservatory is too hot in summer and too cold in winter can be a frustrating discovery, meaning that you can only use …
Homebuilding & Renovating
The Best Window Coverings to Keep Out the Cold
With the time for cold weather creeping ever closer, you may want to start thinking about energy-efficient ways to keep your home …
Handyman Connection
How to Choose a New Roof for Your Home
There is no substitute for a sturdy and stylish roof. It makes up a large portion of the home's visible exterior and protects the …
Today's Home Owner
5 Tools for Old-House Projects
EIGHT-WAY SCRAPER The 8-Cut Scraper has eight sharp cutting edges in a single blade, beveled to prevent surface damage. The scraper may …
Old House
The Best-Dressed Windows and How to Get Them
Hanging curtains or shades can have a transformative effect on a room, adding warmth and style to a drab space or hiding unfortunate …
The New York Times
"And they lived happily ever after until they received the property tax bill for their castle."
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In 1985 a Denver hotel published an ad offering guest a "Free Hotel Room" in large type. What was the catch in the fine print below?
See the answer below.
4 Bedroom Modifications to Get Better Sleep
If you want a good night's sleep, some simple modifications around your home can help you rest easier. Many of these changes …
Today's Home Owner
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While salmon fishing near the Klondike River in Canada's Yukon Territory, George Carmack reportedly spots nuggets of gold in a creek bed. His lucky discovery sparks the last great gold rush in the American West.
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In 1985 a Denver hotel published an ad offering guest a "Free Hotel Room" in large type. What was the catch in the fine print below?
Answer: Parking $55.00 / night (Parking is mandatory)