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Feb 19, 2020
8 Reasons Your Skin Is Peeling—And How to Deal
Of all the possible weird skin symptoms you could experience, skin peeling might be one of the most disconcerting—and uncomfortable …
Should you drink alkaline water?
Is alkaline water necessary on a daily bases and does fresh lemon turn acid to alkaline? Thanks for your question. Alkaline water …
Fox News
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Cholesterol Drugs Might Help Curb 'High-Risk' Prostate Cancers
Drugs that many men with prostate cancer might already be taking -- cholesterol-lowering statins -- may help extend their survival …
Medicine Net
For the Cleanest Hands—Sing This!
With new infectious diseases threatening our health daily—such as SARS, MERS, the new coronavirus—frequent handwashing is more …
Bottom Line Inc
Worried about food recalls? Don't count on your grocery store
Most major U.S. grocery chains do a poor job of alerting shoppers about food recalls, a consumer advocacy group warns. Each year …
CBS News
How AI Can Predict Heart Attacks and Strokes
Artificial intelligence is making its way into health care, and one of its first stops is making sense of all of those scans that …
What Every Parent Needs to Know About Tamiflu
If you or your kids get the flu, your doctor might prescribe Tamiflu or another antiviral medication. But people seem to have questions …
12 Ways to Eat Clean All Year Long
If you're into good health and a fit physique, chances are you are already making an effort to eat clean. But with temptations all …
Muscle & Fitness
What is athlete's foot and how do you treat it?
Athlete's foot is a contagious fungal infection that affects millions each year but leaves plenty of those patients too embarrassed …
Fox News
The Health Benefits of Eating Coconuts
Who can resist a coconut, with its creamy, tropical flavor? For too long, many Americans have done just that. Thankfully, that misguided …
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Who invented the Popcicle in 1905?
See the answer below.
What Causes My Heel Pain?
While there can be many reasons for heel pain, we as foot and ankle surgeons categorize heel pain into four major …
Alternative Medicine
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Who invented the Popcicle in 1905?
Answer: Frank Epperson, when he was 11 years old.