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Nov 13, 2019
Should you work out when you are sick?
Working out while sick may not sound enjoyable, although a popular urban myth argues that a person can "sweat out" an illness through …
Medical News Today
Are You Sure You're Doing Squats Correctly?
Love them or loathe them, squats are one of the most effective exercises you can do. It's very important, however, that you do them …
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Exercise as a Couple and Double Your Results
You know all about the motivational advantages to working out with an exercise buddy, but are they the same when the buddy is your spouse …
Bottom Line Inc
15 Exercise Tips For People Over 50
Our bodies begin to change drastically after fifty: a more rapid decline in bone density and a greater loss in coordination and motor …
Breaking Muscle
The Ab Rollout
The ab rollout is a core exercise that uses an ab wheel, a small wheel with handles on either side (its cousin, the ab dolly, is a rolling …
Experience Life
3 Essential Moves for a Bigger, Badder Back
The back is a large group of muscles, and there are many ways to make it grow bigger and stronger. What makes the back even more …
Get a Full-Body HIIT Workout at Home
For most of us, this time of year is jam-packed. Between endless to-do lists, parties, and traveling, you can get thrown off your normal …
Pre-workout Meditation and Breathing to Optimize Your Training
You've got an hour at the gym, but instead of focusing on reps, your brain is grinding on that big work project or a tiff with your  …
Men's Journal
7 Trainer-Approved Exercises That Are the Most Effective For Targeting the Booty
I like a good booty workout, especially when it incorporates moves that target my glutes with an intensity that makes me go, "Yep, I'll …
What to know about headaches after exercise
In some cases, an underlying condition could be causing a headache after exercising. In this article, we look at possible causes of a …
Medical News Today
"The weight lifting book didn't say how long you should rest between sets. but six weeks is probably too long."
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What is the ancient Chinese art of self-defense that is practiced today as a low-impact, flowing, stress-reducing exercise?
See the answer below.
5 Strategies to Stay Lean in the Off-Season
Developing a physique that is well muscled and stripped of excess body fat is the main goal for bodybuilding success …
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Vietnam Veterans Memorial Dedicated
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"There are only two types of exercises in Hollywood - jogging and helping a divorced friend move."
Robert Wagner
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What is the ancient Chinese art of self-defense that is practiced today as a low-impact, flowing, stress-reducing exercise?
Answer: Tai Chi