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Dec 5, 2018
5 Ways To Look As Strong As You Are
Is it better to look good or be strong? Many people take up bodybuilding to look better, training to build and sculpt their physique rather than add functional strength. Strength athletes, on the other hand, train to lift heavy ...
What Are Some Good Exercises to Do While Traveling?
Travel, by land or by air, can be hard on the body. Spending long hours in cramped seats can leave you sore and exhausted, not to mention exposing ...
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Mistakes To Avoid For Lean Athletic Abs
So, you're in the constant pursuit of developing a strong athletic core, and a visible set of abs. Let's be clear from the get-go, only you ...
Breaking Muscle
The 2 Things That Will Help Motivate You to Be More Active
The social fitness network's Year In Sport report crunched data from more than 36 million athletes around the world. Strava, the social ...
16 Gifts Fitness Lovers Will Appreciate
So you have a gym rat on your hands. Or a cardio bunny. Or a BRB-gonna-go-for-a four-hour-bike-ride-in-the-freezing-cold-real quick-talk ...
Get Fit and Trim With This Belly-Fat-Fighting Run
It's time to hop on the treadmill for some belly-fat-burning intervals. This half-hour run plays with your pace, making the workout short ...
Break It Down: The Bench Press
Fine-tune your form β€” and breathing rhythm β€” to make the most of this strength-building staple. It seems impossible to venture into a ...
Experience Life
Exercise may prevent heart attacks in otherwise healthy people
New research published in the European Heart Journal suggests that even people with no signs of cardiovascular disease should exercise to prevent ...
Medical News Today
Strength Is A Relative Term
Overcoming resistance is as much as a mental feat as it is a physical one. During training our goal is to get our body, a weight, or sometimes ...
Breaking Muscle
Grow Bigger With Pre-Exhaustion Training
You're probably reading this because you want bigger, stronger muscles. Unfortunately, many of us don't always see the results we want, despite ...
"My fitness watch counts my steps, calories, heart beats, reps and excuses."
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Do beans or instant rice break down into sugar slower?
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You Can Do This Full-Body Workout Anywhere, and It’s Fast
Yes! You can work your entire body in 10 minutes. We know you're pressed for time but still want to fit in some fitness, so we made this fast ...
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Do beans or instant rice break down into sugar slower?
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