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Jul 1, 2020
How To Prepare an Effective Cleaning Solution—Here’s How To Do It Safely
Earlier this month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published findings from a survey regarding safe household cleaning …
Well and Good
Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Transitional Design
Whereas traditional design can sometimes feel prim and stuffy, and modern design can lean too heavily on the sleek and streamlined look …
Apartment Therapy
Banner Sample
5 Common Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid
Adding to or remodeling your house is one of the most exciting and creative processes you can go through. But with all that responsibility …
How builders use tech to attract clients
Technology in the home is a huge factor for prospective buyers and is driving developers to focus on new features in future projects …
Chicago Agent Magazine
Outfit a Small-but-Mighty Kitchen
Whether it's a need for more counter space or the desire to knock out a wall to add an eat-in table, everyone wants a roomier kitchen …
Good Housekeeping
Create an Outdoor Room
If you are fortunate enough to have a terrace, a porch or some backyard space, spending a lot of time at home can be a much nicer experience …
The New York Times
Our 10 Best Old-House Ghost Stories
Starting with our 10th anniversary issue in 1983, we've published countless tales of the friendly spirits (and a few not-so-friendly …
Old House
Should You Replace Your Cabinets or Just the Doors?
If you're thinking about updating your kitchen, the cabinets are most likely one of your top priorities. Many homeowners think they …
RIS Media
11 Ways to Gain Square Footage Without Changing the Floor Plan
When you first moved into your home or apartment, you probably thought you had plenty of space. Now you're wondering why on earth …
Bob Vila
What to Know Before You Paint Your Walls White
There are few better ways to bring a fresh start to a home's interior than by painting it white. This clean-slate strategy is often …
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What oceanfront area is currently the most popular choice among people searching for second homes and vacation homes?
See the answer below.
2020 Home Interior Design Trends
Each year comes and goes with different trends that people try to catch up to. The same goes with home decor. If you are …
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What oceanfront area is currently the most popular choice among people searching for second homes and vacation homes?
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