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Mar 20, 2019
Every Little Move You Make Can Help Your Health, Study Says
Lovers of vigorous exercise aren’t the only ones who get health benefits from physical activity. Lower-key workouts — even activities ...
Why Working Out Should Not Be Tied to a Due Date
In case you hadn't heard, bodies have now become seasonal. See, here's how it works: each year begins with expectations and weight-loss ...
A Total-Body HIIT Workout You Can Do in Under 15 Minutes
For celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins, fitness can double as family bonding. On Tuesday, the Los Angeles–based creator of the Hollywood ...
9 Reasons Why Stretching Your Psoas Isn't Working
Most of us who train frequently are familiar with the psoas muscle, short for iliopsoas, and commonly referred to as the hip flexor ...
Breaking Muscle
Which Type of Exercise Might Lower Your Diabetes Risk?
Boosting your muscle strength could help ward off type 2 diabetes, a new study suggests. Even moderate amounts of resistance exercise ...
I'll Feel More Like It Tomorrow
It's a great time of year at the university, at least in terms of research. Our senior honors students are wrapping up their thesis projects ...
Psychology Today
Clever Strategies for Ending Bad Habits and Starting Good Ones
We tell ourselves that we will cut out fast food and eat healthy…but then find ourselves eating a cheeseburger. We tell ourselves ...
Bottom Line Inc
"I do the Beatles Workout. I'm so tired because I carry that weight down the long and winding road 8 days a week!"
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