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Jan 13, 2021
Articles from popular publications.
Recipes for Super Bowl Snacks
Your roster's filled with cheesy dips, spicy wings, loaded poppers, savory snack mixes and more. These Super Bowl snacks will be the MVP of your game-day spread, so go ahead, do your best celebration dance. I’ve been told …
Taste of Home
Meal Planning 101: Build a Meal Planning Habit That Actually Works for You
Ah, meal planning. The phrase conjures up visions of Pinterest-worthy rows of food containers with uniformly arranged roasted veggies …
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A Guide to Buttermilk Replacements
Buttermilk first originated as the portion left behind after butter had been churned from whole milk. Since the fat was removed …
Bake From Scratch
Green Seasoning Baked Cod
"If you took the contents of nearly any bottle of green seasoning and broke it down to its component ingredients, you'd have the …
Bon Appetit
How to Spatchcock a Turkey (or Chicken)
Spatchcocking is an easy, 3-step process of cutting poultry to lie flat. It's especially useful for turkey, as it allows the bird …
Fine Cooking
Green Beans with Toasted Walnuts
Lately, I've been cooking from a lot of the cookbooks and magazines I've collected over the years. Cooking from (and reading) cookbooks …
Food And Nutrition
How to Store Olive Oil the Right Way, According to Experts
We all know olive oil is a healthy kitchen staple. Over time, however, it will deteriorate and turn rancid. Learning how to store olive …
Taste Of Home
A humorous cartoon.
"Dinosaurs didn't smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol or eat junk food... and where are they now!?"
Copyright © Randy Glasbergen
Trivia and a quote.
What Year Was It?
Packers Face Chiefs in First Super Bowl
What Year
At the Los Angeles Coliseum, the Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the first-ever world championship game of American football.
The day was Jan 15. What year was it?
Quote of the Week
"Wine and cheese are ageless companions, like aspirin and aches, or June and moon, or good people and noble ventures."
M. F. K. Fisher
What is the third most popular fruit grown in America?
See the answer below.
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Trivia Answer
What is the third most popular fruit grown in America?
Answer: Peaches

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