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Nov 13, 2019
How to Repair Car Paint Chips
Stone chips detract from the appearance of your car but also can provide toeholds for rust to begin. You may not be able to make your …
Popular Mechanics
Things You Should Never Leave in Your Car During Winter
Extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on items left in your car. Keeping certain items in your vehicle doesn't only pose the potential …
Family Handyman
Banner Sample
Your Engine Won't Care if it Turns off -- but you Might
We have a 2017 Ford F-150. It has a gas-saving feature that turns the engine off when we stop at a traffic light for more than a couple …
Car Talk
When Kids Can Stop Using a Booster or Sit in the Front Seat of the Car
Finally ditching the booster seat is a milestone that many kids (and their parents) look forward to. But rushing the transition …
Life Hacker
What will tomorrow’s hydrogen fuelling station look like?
When it comes to propulsion, the heavy-duty trucking sector is not due an overnight change any time soon. Diesel remains the fuel of …
Automotive World
The Most Fuel Efficient Car
Back in 2008, during episode 1 of Top Gear's 11th season and a high point in global fuel prices, the crew found a performance car …
Hot Rod Network
How To Track a Car Using Your Phone
They will always be instances when you want to know the current location of your car. You may have forgotten where you parked it or you  …
Car Bibles
'Not changing my oil shrinks my carbon footprint, right?'
If you have a vehicle that runs, in part or wholly, on gasoline, that vehicle requires timely and regular oil changes to ensure it lives …
What Is It With Car Enthusiasts and Watches?
I don't wear a watch and I think I know why: a permanent injury. Not to me, but to my father's wristwatch. I accidentally pulverized …
10 Things You Should Never Do While Pumping Gas
Whether you fill up your gas tank just once a month or several times a week, safety should be top of mind when you're at the gas pump …
Family Handyman
"I never knew it was so easy to get rich. Just type 'money' into your GPS!"
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What automaker’s first logo incorporated the Star of David?
See the answer below.
3 Tips for Winter Driving in the Mountains
It might still technically be autumn, but many parts of the U.S. are already experiencing winter weather. If you …
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"A car can massage organs which no masseur can reach. It is the one remedy for the disorders of the great sympathetic nervous system.
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What automaker’s first logo incorporated the Star of David?
Answer: The Dodge Brothers.