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Jan 23, 2019
Half-Up Hairstyles We're Loving Right Now
Whether you need to find the perfect hairstyle for a special occasion or just want to change up your everyday look, you’ll find plenty of motivation to try something new after browsing these half-up half-down hairstyles. There are ...
Southern Living
The 6 Biggest Hair Colors For Spring
As the seasons change and weather warms, switching up your whole beauty routine is a must—especially when it comes to your hair color. Look ...
The Mustard Yellow Hair-Color Trend
Platinum will never not be a stunning, stylish hair color. But anyone who's attempted to maintain it knows how hard it can be to keep it ...
It’s Time to Take Care of Your Scalp
Scalps are the new necks of the beauty world. They weren't previously thought about, not particularly fun to think about, and now suddenly ...
The Cut
The Best Long Hair and Bangs Styles to Try ASAP
If you're someone who would sooner cut off a relationship than cut off your hair, I get it. I mean, it takes time to grow that ish out! But ...
Easy and Gorgeous Valentine's Day Makeup Ideas
Regardless of what you're planning to do for Valentine's Day, one of the most fun things about this sweet holiday is undoubtedly getting ...
Good Housekeeping
14 Short Natural Hairstyles to Try This New Year
The start of the new year is one of the most exciting and anxiety-inducing holidays, especially when your bullet journal is brimming ...
2019's Most Wearable Trends
Gazing into a crystal ball would be fun, but the Spring 2019 runways are the surest predictors of the trends that'll line your closet ...
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A size 8 dress with a 32-inch bust back in 1967 is equivalent to what size today?
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