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Dec 12, 2018
How to Use Jumper Cables and Jump Start a Car the Right Way
Anyone with a new driver in the family wants to be sure that they're doing everything possible to stay safe in the road. And, as the weather gets colder, there is so much more to cover: how to winter-proof your car, how to drive ...
Good Housekeeping
How to deal with someone experiencing road rage
Road rage happens. If you're the kind of person who loses their cool when another driver unexpectedly swerves into your lane, you might ...
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What Gas Should You Feed a Vintage Muscle Car?
I bought a 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 recently and want to know if unleaded gas will harm my engine. Also, will using regular unleaded ...
Car Talk
Gas Prices Are Officially Lower Than They Were a Year Ago
For the past month or so, gas prices nationwide have been decreasing at an exponential rate. Now, yearly gas prices have passed a very important ...
The News Wheel
10 Ways Car Shoppers Can Sniff Out a Flood-Damaged Vehicle
In the wake of massive destruction caused by hurricanes in recent years, Americans again and again witness how disaster can bring out the best ...
Here's How to Possibly Force a Recall on Your Car
You're driving, and something terrible happens with your car: Your brakes fail or your steering fails and you're forced off the road ...
Inside the Treasure State Junkyard Trove
Contrary to popular belief, classic trucks rust away in California, too. For yours truly, as a career body man in California, patchin' up pickups ...
Repairing and Maintaining Car Door Weather Stripping
Repair torn weather stripping on car doors quickly and easily, and treat it with silicone spray to prevent winter freeze-up and further ...
Family Handyman
External airbags might be on your next new car
German supplier ZF has developed external crash safety airbags for cars that could make their way to production in as little as two years ...
Motor Authority
Here’s why you shouldn’t be using just two winter tires
You're forgiven if you're sick of hearing about snow tires this time of year. It seems to be a popular topic with plenty of advice to go around ...
"Our company has a serious energy crisis! We've got plenty of gas, oil and electricity but we're dangerously low on enthusiasm!"
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What engine did the McLaren F1 Gearbox prototype use?
See the answer below.
Canine Car Seats & Rolling Refrigerators: Auto Trends Around the World
Some of the most significant trends in the automotive industry are also the most interesting. Ridesharing and Artificial Intelligence ...
What Year Was It?
Da Vinci Notebook Sells for Over $5 Million
What Year
American oil tycoon Armand Hammer pays $5,126,000 at auction for a notebook containing writings by the legendary artist Leonardo da Vinci.
The day was Dec 12. What year was it?
Quote of the Week
"The best car safety device is a rear-view mirror with a cop in it."
Dudley Moore
Trivia Answer
What engine did the McLaren F1 Gearbox prototype use?
Answer: Chevy V8
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