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May 22, 2019
Choosing the Right Coolant for Your Vehicle
Coolant does more than keep your vehicle from overheating — it also prevents freezing in the winter and protects your car’s engine and ...
The News Wheel
A few terms to know when buying — and trading in — a used car
Whether you're about to buy your first new-to-you car, or your first car in a long time, you'll likely encounter some terms that ...
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Location intelligence is shaping the future of mobility
Increasing urbanisation and a shift from car ownership to greater use of shared transportation services will fundamentally ...
Automotive World
How Long Do Car Batteries Last?
Anyone who has ever found themselves stranded in a car that won't start has surely wondered if there's a definitive answer to how long ...
Family Handyman
7.5 million more drivers are now considering an EV
The Britain Under the Bonnet report from Close Brothers Motor Finance shows that while sales figures remain in the low thousands each ...
Motor Trader
The Right Way to Parallel Park, Step-by-Step
Parallel parking can be a a challenge for even the most seasoned drivers. Thankfully, over at Quora, Yishan Wong offers this step-by-step ...
Life Hacker
Tips and Tricks for “Traditional” Flames Part 1
You can buy a box o' tools, but you can't buy a bag o' tricks. How deep is yours? How often do you pull out the one at the bottom of ...
Hot Rod Network
"Yes, it's cold in here. We're having the company cryogenically frozen until the economy gets better."
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Great Emigration Departs for Oregon
What Year
A massive wagon train, made up of 1,000 settlers and 1,000 head of cattle, sets off down the Oregon Trail from Independence, Missouri.
The day was May 22. What year was it?
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"A muscle is like a car. If you want it to run well early in the morning, you have to warm it up."
Florence Griffith Joyner
Who founded Chevrolet?
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Trivia Answer
Who founded Chevrolet?
Answer: Louis Chevrolet and ousted General Motors founder William C. Durant founded Chevrolet in 1911.