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Feb 13, 2019
5 tricks to clean your car (and keep it clean) without breaking a sweat
The internet is teeming with ideas on how to spring clean your car, but do they really work? If you travel with your perpetually hungry ...
6 New Speed Parts For Car Crafters…
Why you care: Drivers of custom street and high-horsepower strip applications can have true drag-race look and performance with the expanded ...
Hot Rod Network
Your Corner Wrench: How to keep rusty parts from seizing
No automaker would admit to making something designed to fail, would they? But with certain features, this seems to be the case. And it's ...
10 Incredible Things We Saw at the 2019 Retromobile Show
Every year enthusiasts from around the world venture to Paris to attend the Retromobile show—and for good reason, as it's the most ...
Countdown to Our Electric, Autonomous Future: How Soon Is Now?
Pop quiz: do you know what they call Thai food in Thailand? Food. Do you what they'll call electrified cars in an electrified future ...
Motor Trend
Car Monitoring Tech Learns Your Passengers’ Age, Gender And A Whole Lot More
Imagine taking a ride in someone else's car and having the vehicle learn pretty much everything about you in mere seconds. Pretty ...
Replace a Broken Side View Mirror
Replacing a broken side view mirror is easier and cheaper than you might think. Once you have the right tools, the hardest part is just ...
Family Handyman
Simple Tips to Pass Your Driving Test
The driving test is mandatory for all prospective drivers. If you have been training as a driver for a while and it is time to take the ...
The News Wheel
Is It OK to Shift into Drive While Rolling Backward?
While driving, my husband does something that makes me crazy (I know, right?). When backing out of our driveway or a parking spot, he ...
Car Talk
How It Works: Right-of-Way
Of all the rules of the road, one that seems to be the most misunderstood, but is also among the most important, is right-of-way. While ...
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What was the first mass-produced automobile starting in 1913?
See the answer below.
Cold Weather Can Cause TPMS Sensors to Give a False Alarm
Dashboard warning lights can be confusing. Even when you do understand them though, they can still induce a temporary headache — especially ...
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What was the first mass-produced automobile starting in 1913?
Answer: Ford Model T