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Jun 12, 2019
Get rid of that mildew smell
Mold or mildew odors in a car can be a challenge for the average owner of an older car. As a professional detailer, you can often solve ...
Carburetor Conundrum-What You Need To Know Before Buying
Still a Viable Fuel Delivery System, Here's What You Need to Know When Picking One. It's true that carburetors are considered "old school ...
Hot Rod Network
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5 Ways Airless Tires Could Be a Breath of Fresh Air for Drivers
This week, Michelin and GM announced that they'll be partnering up to, quite literally, reinvent the wheel. Their airless tire is ...
When Should I Change Spark Plugs?
Unless you are a car junkie or certified auto mechanic you probably know very little about what makes your car tick. Most people know ...
The News Wheel
Those Nuts Didn't Tighten My Lug Nuts!
Is it possible for lug nuts to loosen over a period of time (after 2,500 miles) if they were improperly installed? I had seasonal tires ...
Car Talk
New external airbags better protect against side-impact crashes
In the future, airbags may not be relegated to the interior of a car. On Wednesday, German auto supplier ZF showed off its prototype ...
Motor Authority
How to achieve the next steps in engine efficiency for hybrid vehicles
With huge pressure on the powertrain to support a reduction in vehicle CO2, it is critical to leverage the most cost-effective benefits ...
Automotive World
The hidden costs — and risks — of modifying your car
Modifications usually a matter of both taste and function, and the vast majority provide no problems with either compatibility with ...
Break Into Your Car Safely with a Door Stop and Metal Rod
There comes a time in every car owner's life when they lock their keys in their vehicle, or lose them completely. Sure, you can pay to ...
Life Hacker
Can Getting Car Finance Help Improve Your Credit Score?
Applying for any type of credit can be nerve-wracking, but financing a car is an extra big purchase. On top of that, you're probably ...
The News Wheel
"We have an excellent employee health plan: we built our parking garage 2 miles away from the office!"
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What was the first official White House car?
See the answer below.
Innovating for smart vehicles in a smart world
We've been talking about the promise of cellular vehicle to everything technology – or C-V2X – for more than a year and have committed ...
Automotive World
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What was the first official White House car?
Answer: A 1909 White Steamer, ordered by President Taft.