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Apr 17, 2019
How to Clean and Restore Car Headlights
Learn how to restore car headlights. This inexpensive fix will immediately brighten your nighttime headlights. Clear your fogged ...
Family Handyman
Top 20 Auto Repair Youtube Channels To Follow in 2019
The Best Auto Repair Youtube Channels in our index using search and social metrics. Subscribe to these youtubers because they are actively ...
How to properly slam into wildlife with your car — to save your life
You may have seen a meme a few years ago, decrying how you’re “more likely to be killed by a moose in Canada than by a terror plot.” The  ...
Buy Gas on Mondays to Save Money
We spend a lot on gas. In June 2018, according to a report by AAA, we spent $69 more each month on gasoline, as compared to the summer ...
Electric-Vehicle Tax Credits Get a Bipartisan Boost in Senate
A bipartisan group of senators introduced legislation Wednesday that would extend a lucrative tax credit for electric vehicles that could ...
Motor Trend
Should You Buy A New Car? Or Fix The One You Have?
Purchasing a vehicle is one of the biggest financial decisions a person can make. Next to real-estate, an automobile is the second ...
Could electric vehicle batteries go cobalt-free?
Lithium-ion batteries will dominate for the foreseeable future, but the market for materials is rocky. Cobalt is currently a necessary ...
Automotive World
Buyers Want Amazon Alexa And Google Assistant In Their Cars, Study Finds
A new survey from JD Power has revealed that car owners want their vehicles to use the same brand of voice recognition software which ...
Car Scoops
Automotive Accessories, Tips and Tools You Need to Know About
Newer pickups often feature built-in steps so you can 
easily access your pickup bed. Some steps are built 
into the bumper; others ...
Family Handyman
Follow these tips for smooth DIY exhaust repairs
Your ride has been getting a little noisy lately, so you take a peak underneath and find the muffler is in poor shape and leaking, and ...
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Chrysler's legendary 426 Hemi engine is commonly referred to as what?
See the answer below.
Electric truck battery innovation is evolving, but slowly
Electric truck development is gaining momentum after a slow start. Global logistics providers are starting to pay attention to the many ...
Automotive World
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Chrysler's legendary 426 Hemi engine is commonly referred to as what?
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