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Apr 17, 2019
Hairballs 101: What You Should Know About Cats And Hairballs
Like litter boxes, hairballs are just a fact of life should you have a cat in your home. We know that cats routinely groom themselves ...
Cole and Marmalade
Take the stress out of bathing your cat
Giving your cat a bath doesn't have to be a headache. Following these simple steps will help things go smoothly and calmly. As a rule ...
Animal Wellness
How human food processing trends carry over into pet food
As pets have become true family members, with their "parents" seeking to feed them similarly to how they feed themselves, human food ...
13 secrets to managing dog and cat hair
You love your pet. But how do you feel about the furry tumbleweeds that constantly roll around your home, courtesy of all that shedding ...
Mother Nature Network
True or false? Cats always land on their feet and don't need much care
Cats don't hate people, they aren't low-maintenance pets, they don't always land on their feet when they fall, and they shouldn't ...
Smart Brief
Avoid Dreaded Litterbox Issues - 5 Simple Steps
Many novice kitten parents have lots of questions about how to give their furry little charges the best start in life, and one ...
Healthy Pets
Collars, Halters, and Harnesses… Oh My! Choosing the Right One for Your Dog
Staring down the collar and harness aisle or your favorite store, or searching for the endless variety available online can be ...
The Dogington Post
Your Dog’s Eating Changes Could Be Telling You Something
Who says dogs can't talk? As a pet owner, you know that mealtime is a simple everyday ritual. You may find yourself anticipating your dog’s ...
The Bark
Is Feeding A Raw Diet Enough?
If there's one thing Dogs Naturally doesn't put up with, it's feeding dogs crap, like kibble. I know that's a bold statement, and if you're ...
Dogs Naturally
Why Is My Dog’s Nose All Crusty?
You're used to feeling your dog's wet snout every day when they greet you or nuzzle up to you on the couch after a long day. So when their ...
Bark Post
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Beaver teeth are so sharp that Native Americans used them as what?
See the answer below.
The Topic Nobody Wants to Discuss, but It Matters to Your Vet
If you have a dog in the family, make no mistake, at some point there will be dog vomit. Perhaps you've already had the pleasure ...
Healthy Pets
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The First Earth Day
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Earth Day, an event to increase public awareness of the world's environmental problems, is celebrated in the United States for the first time.
The day was Apr 22. What year was it?
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"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language."
Martin Buber
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Beaver teeth are so sharp that Native Americans used them as what?
Answer: Knife blades.