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Jun 26, 2019
Five Segmentation Gaffes (And How to Avoid Them)
Segmentation—the process of identifying specific customer groups—is imperative for personalized marketing and communications ...
Making Print Personal: 5 Ways to Use Variable Data in Direct Mail
Data gathering is the new normal. Best-in-class organizations and marketers are constantly acquiring and utilizing marketing data ...
Target Marketing
Banner Sample
Why Collecting Business Cards is Not Networking
One of the biggest mistakes people make when networking is thinking that it's just about running around the room collecting as many ...
The odds are against marketers who bet on generational differences
Magically, every 10 to 15 years a new generational cohort (e.g., millennials, Generation X, Generation Z, baby boomers) emerges from ...
The Drum
Artificial Intelligence and the Future of B2B Sales
You wouldn't expect Michael Phelps to skim the pool for dead mosquitos before a big race — he's too busy warming up. So why drown your ...
Sales & Marketing Management
5 SEO Mistakes Killing Your Content Performance and a Fix for Each
Even the most seasoned content marketers make mistakes. In the world of SEO-driven content, with constant algorithm tweaks and changing ...
Top Rank Marketing
What Type of Links Does Google Really Prefer?
We all know that links help rankings. And the more links you build the higher you'll rank. But does it really work that way? Well, the  ...
How customer experience is building brands and businesses
How people perceive your brand and whether or not they want to spend money with you more than once – or even at all – ultimately comes down ...
Marketing Week
Review your website performance because every second matters
A few years ago, Amazon reported that for every 100-millisecond increase in the speed of their website, they noticed an increase ...
Search Engine Land
Lead Nurturing: 7 Steps Toward Setting Up Your Next Campaign
Lead nurturing requires a thorough understanding of your audience and a distinct strategy built on best practices and innovative ...
American Marketing Association
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In 2006, USA Today listed which advertising icon as no.1 on their list of 'Imaginary Luminaries: the 101 most influential people who never lived'?
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4 key marketing strategies to help you better attract Gen Z
A few things are true of Generation Z. First, Gen Zers are not millennials. They were born after millennials, between 1997 and 2012 ...
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In 2006, USA Today listed which advertising icon as no.1 on their list of 'Imaginary Luminaries: the 101 most influential people who never lived'?
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