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Nov 13, 2019
4 Actionable Ways to Build a Brand
In ecommerce, your brand is your lifeblood. The reputation you have, the experiences you create, the ways you differentiate -- everything …
You Might Be Unintentionally Introducing Bias Into Your Marketing Surveys
By now, everyone can agree that, when done right, data-based insights can drive smarter, more personalized touchpoints with the people …
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How marketers can take control of their data stack
"Take control over your marketing data." If you are a marketer today, you've heard that advice many times over. Your peers, the …
Brands are using digital innovation in customer service
The average UK consumer checks their smartphone every 12 minutes of the waking day, according to research by Ofcom. This level of "digital …
Marketing Week
How to Create the Right Amount of the Right Type of Content
There is such a thing as too much content. And if you're creating content for the sake of it (without a clear business need, or to simply …
Marketing Profs
Deliver a personalized, multichannel experience to your customers
Imagine you walk into a store with an interactive touchscreen experience where you build exactly the product you want. You hand …
Classic Marketing Insights to Celebrate the Internet’s 50th Birthday
The collection of technologies that make it possible for you to read this are now 50 years old, as the Internet recently celebrated …
Top Rank Marketing
6 Reasons Why Print Marketing Is Thriving
A few years ago, you might have heard marketers claiming we were facing the end of an era for print. Online marketing is cheap, available …
Target Marketing
Why Hearing 'No' Is Actually a Good Thing
I once worked with someone who couldn't handle the answer, "no." It was a lot like dealing with a child. One day I literally saw her …
Sales & Marketing Management
The risks associated with influencer marketing and how to avoid them
In an age where traditional advertising has received less and less attention from consumers, influencer marketing has emerged as a proven …
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The American inventor Douglas Engelbart is best known for inventing which ubiquitous 'clicking' device?
See the answer below.
It’s All About the Feels When Reaching Gen Z
Marketers suggest following feelings when it comes to capturing—and holding—the attention of Gen Z consumers in …
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The American inventor Douglas Engelbart is best known for inventing which ubiquitous 'clicking' device?
Answer: Computer mouse