Email Newsletters For Auto Detailing Services Starting At $39.00/Month

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  • 1. We build
    your custom
    template. It
    will be designed
    specifically for
    your business.

    1. Once you complete the Free Demo Form, we build your newsletter template. Your template is unique and custom built just for you.

  • 2. Your custom
    template will
    include your
    business logo,
    profile photo and
    links to your

    2. Your custom newsletter template includes your business logo, a personal profile photo, business and web address, phone number and links to your website.

  • 3. We load your
    newsletter with
    interesting and
    engaging content.

    3. The content we load into your newsletter is selected specifically for your clients.

  • 4. We send a link
    to your newsletter
    page for your

    4. We send you a link so you can review the layout and content in your custom newsletter to see how it positively promotes your business.

  • 5. When you're
    ready, you sign up
    and pay the
    one-time $9.00
    setup fee.
    Going forward
    the cost starts
    at $39.00/month
    based on your
    email list size.

    5. Once you're happy with the design, you can activate your account. The one-time cost is only $9.00.

  • 6. We send you
    a user name and
    password to login
    to our online system.

    6. After you activate your account, we give you a secure login to our system and schedule a time to review how it works.

  • 7. We work with
    you to create
    your custom ads
    and messages.

    7. We walk you through the process for how to create appealing ads and messages that will drive action.

  • 8. We show you
    how to upload
    your email list.

    8. We show you how to upload your initial email list, how to add more email addresses at any time, and how to grow your list.

  • 9. You decide
    how frequently
    we should send
    your newsletter.

    9. Your newsletter is always sent on Wednesdays, but you can select once per month, twice per month or weekly.

  • 10. We set up the
    free option to
    post content
    from your
    newsletter onto
    your business
    Facebook page.

    10. We set up the optional automated posts to your business Facebook page. Posts come from articles pulled directly from your newsletter.

  • Grow on a Budget

    11. We're here
    anytime you
    need help.
    If you're not
    100% happy,
    you can cancel
    at any time.

    11. We're available any time via email, and we're happy to chat by phone when you need help or assistance.

Once your happy with the free newsletter template we create for your auto detailing service you can activate your account.

The initial activation fee is only $9.00. Billing is month to month, you can cancel at any time.

We can send your auto detailing service email newsletter once each week, twice per month, or once each month. The price is based on your email list size, not the email frequency.

If you prefer to send the newsletter yourself, we'll provide you with all the code to use with any bulk email broadcast system.

Your Email List Price/Month
Self Send $39.00
Up to 250 $39.00
251 - 500 $49.00
501 - 1000 $74.00
1001 - 2000 $99.00
2001 - 3000 $124.00
3001 - 4000 $149.00
4001 - 5000 $174.00
5001 - 6000 $199.00
6001 - 7000 $224.00
7001 - 8000 $249.00
8001 - 9000 $274.00
9001 - 10000 $299.00
Over 10000 Contact Us