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Chambers of Commerce Email Newsletter Plan Available At No Cost

Boston, MA - Working in tandem with Mailchimp, Newsletter Station has a new plan for US-based Chambers of Commerce. Any US-based Chamber can have a custom email newsletter built by Newsletter Station and sent to their exclusive email contact list managed with Mailchimp, all at no cost. The standard fee is $49.00/month, but this new plan has no monthly fee from Newsletter Station.

Combined with a Free plan from Mailchimp, a Chamber will have no monthly fees for email lists containing up to 2000 contacts. This free email newsletter program can supplement or replace the existing Chamber email newsletter.

Every week the editors at Newsletter Station dig through the unending stream of news, articles, and features focused on small business success. They select and link to only the most significant new ideas and articles and package them into an engaging newsletter digest custom branded for the Chamber. The articles and features focus on marketing, finance, productivity, strategy, staffing, etc. The article selections will enlighten Chamber member business owners and staff who bear the responsibility of looking ahead, thinking, imagining the future, and preparing for it.

Content sources include Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Inc Magazine, Strategy+Business, and dozens more. Each newsletter also has a trivia question, a quote of the week, a year-in-history video, and a cartoon. Each Chamber newsletter will always be timely, relevant, interesting, and engaging. Promotional sections within the newsletter reserved for the Chamber provide them space to showcase new offerings, promotions, membership activities, events, or anything they wish.

By focusing the newsletter content on information helpful to members, each Chamber will build upon their trust and credibility by sharing valuable insights. Trust and credibility are critical factors for growing and maintaining a vibrant Chamber, and an engaging email newsletter is a perfect tool for the job.

Many Chambers may have their email contact list managed through other email services. In those cases, Newsletter Station will supply the Chamber with updated, ready-to-send responsive email newsletter code.

Chambers can learn more by watching the video or signing up at:

This program is available from Newsletter Station partners including Chamber Nation.

Stephanie Baldwin, Chief Editor
Newsletter Station
6 Liberty Square #2040
Boston MA 02109 USA

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