Here are more tips and ideas focused on your oral health and overall wellbeing.
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Tips and ideas focused on your oral health and overall wellbeing.
June 19, 2024
How Stress Can Affect Your Dental Health
Stress affects nearly everyone and significantly impacts both emotional well-being and physical health, including dental health. Stress can lead to teeth grinding (bruxism), causing enamel erosion, tooth fractures, and jaw pain. It …
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Can Alcohol Cause Dementia? The Potential Impact of Heavy Drinking
Alcohol-induced dementia occurs due to prolonged heavy drinking, leading to cognitive decline. Key signs include memory loss, difficulty in thinking, …
6 types of foods to avoid with kidney problems
Individuals with kidney disease should avoid high-sodium, high-phosphorus, potassium-rich, and protein-rich foods to prevent worsening their condition. Processed foods, salty …
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New research explores how a short trip to space affects the human body
New research reveals that space tourists experience body changes similar to astronauts who spend extended periods in orbit. A 2021 …
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How Bad Is It to Borrow My Partner’s Toothbrush?
Sharing a toothbrush with your partner might seem harmless, but it's risky. Dentists warn that sharing toothbrushes can transfer harmful …
Prepare for a Blood Pressure Reading
To prepare for an accurate blood pressure reading, follow critical steps. First, rest for five minutes before the measurement. Avoid …
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Heat rash: Common signs of prickly heat and how to treat it
Heat rash, or prickly heat or miliaria, occurs when sweat gets trapped under the skin, leading to inflammation and itchy …
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