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December 6, 2023
Ways to Protect Your Teeth During Sports
Participating in sports and physical activities is a great way to maintain fitness, but it's crucial to remember that dental injuries can occur. Dental emergencies resulting from sports-related incidents can be painful, …
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What Actually Causes Type 1 Diabetes?
The news story discusses the causes of Type 1 diabetes, shedding light on this autoimmune disease. It emphasizes that genetics …
Are Sugar Alternatives Better for Your Teeth?
The article explores the impact of sugar alternatives on dental health. It delves into the misconception that replacing sugar with …
Your Dental Health Resource
Are you really iron deficient or just tired?
The article discusses the common confusion between fatigue and iron deficiency. It highlights that feeling tired doesn't necessarily mean low …
Body And Soul
The dangers of secondhand smoke
The article discusses the serious health risks associated with secondhand smoke exposure. It highlights that secondhand smoke is not only …
Health ENews
7 Ways to Change Your Relationship with Chronic Pain
The article highlights seven actionable strategies to transform one's relationship with chronic pain. It emphasizes actively managing and alleviating pain …
Psychology Today
Why do kids become sick in winter?
As winter sets in, parents often wonder why their children get sick more often during this season. The answer lies …
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