We hope you enjoy this week's featured blog. Mastering Home Design: Optimizing Furniture Layout and Space Flow.
Linda Gramera
Interior Designer
Scrimshaws Ltd.
434 Turner Drive, Suite 2A
Durango, Co. 81303
April 17, 2024
Optimizing Furniture Layout and Space Flow
Optimizing furniture layout and space flow in interior design is crucial for functionality and aesthetics. Understanding your space, noting architectural features, and considering traffic flow are essential. Define functional zones for activities …
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5 Kitchen Layout Mistakes You’re Probably Making
Designers warn against common kitchen layout mistakes, advising homeowners to avoid cramped spaces, prioritize functionality, and optimize storage. Overcrowded countertops …
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Incandescent vs. LED Lighting: What’s the Difference?
In the heated debate over lighting, incandescent bulbs and LEDs vie for supremacy. Incandescents, once the reigning champs, faced fierce …
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What All Your Vacuum Attachments Are Actually For
The article delves into the mysteries of vacuum cleaner attachments, revealing their true purposes beyond mere dusting. Unraveling the enigma …
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Spring Cleaning Tips to Remember When Selling Your Home
The article offers essential advice for home sellers aiming to make their property stand out in the competitive real estate …
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How to Map Out Your Kitchen Remodel’s Scope of Work
The article navigates the complexities of renovating your kitchen. The article outlines essential steps to craft a comprehensive scope of …
Cover Up That Gross Popcorn Ceiling Without Removing It
Discover ingenious ways to camouflage popcorn ceilings without the hassle of removal. Transform your space with DIY methods like covering …
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