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Linda Gramera
Interior Designer
Scrimshaws Ltd.
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December 6, 2023
Pillows and Blankets to Add Style to a Room
When decorating your home, attention to detail matters. While furniture, paint, and artwork influence a room's aesthetics, pillows and blankets can elevate your decor. This blog explores how to use them effectively …
Newsletter Station
Sneaky Signs of Mold Under Hardwood Floors
The article discusses crucial signs of mold presence beneath hardwood floors, emphasizing early detection and prevention. Mold under hardwood floors …
Bob Vila
6 Common Plumbing Problems and How to Fix Them
The news story discusses six common plumbing problems and provides practical solutions to fix them. It emphasizes an active approach …
Today's Homeowner
Tips To Help You Learn More About The History Of Your Home
Discovering the history of your home can be a fascinating journey. Whether you're curious about previous occupants or want to …
House Digest
The Differences Between Pressure Washers and Power Washers
The article highlights the critical disparities between power washers and pressure washers. It distinguishes these two cleaning tools, emphasizing their …
Life Hacker
Things You Shouldn’t Have in Your Home, According to a Pro Cleaner
The TikTok trend is steering homeowners away from certain home features. As social media influencers highlight their functional and aesthetic …
Apartment Therapy
7 Toilet Flush Valve Types To Know
The website offers a comprehensive guide on different toilet flush valve types. Focusing on practicality, the article breaks down the …
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