How do I manage the Ads?

If you have an a standard account you can login manage your ads. You will visit the ADS page. Here you build your newsletter ads. Every issue of your newsletter can contain two side by side ads.

We provide 8 sections to build ads for each week through the month, but only the current 2 ads will display in your newsletter at one time. You follow these steps to build two side by side ads to include in your newsletter.

1. Insert the ad Headline in the associated Headline field. Your ad Headline is limited to 70 characters.

2. Insert the ad Content in the associated Content box. Your ad Content is limited to 250 characters.

3. Insert the ad Source in the associated Source field. The Source is normally your business, but you can include ads promoting community events, activities or other opportunities that may no be directly related to your business so the source field will help your subscribers understand the source for the ad.

4. Insert the website Landing Page in the associated Landing Page field. A click on the ad Headline will take the reader to this web page.

5. Each ad may contain an optional Image. All ad Images will be 75 pixels wide by 75 pixels high, that is approximately 3/4" square. To use an image copy/paste the image number from your Private Image Library, or the Public Image Library, into the appropriate Image Number box. The same image may be used with multiple ads. To add more images to your Private Image Library, use the form on your Image Library Page.

6. After completing these steps, click any of the red "Save" buttons. This will save your updates and provide you with links to review, or continue editing.
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