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The Optimal Length for Your Email Newsletter

October 12, 2020

The Optimal Length for Your Email Newsletter
There is plenty of information out there from experts offering their opinion of the optimal length of an email newsletter. Some even get so specific as to list a certain number of lines or words. However, the answer is not quite as simple as this.

The ideal length for your email newsletter is dependent on a lot of factors. These range from the content of your newsletter, the layout, and design to who your reader is, and how they know your business.

The biggest key to improving your email newsletter readership may not lie in the length of the newsletter at all, but in the delivery of clear and concise content that is relative to the interests of the recipient. It is also helpful that, regardless of length, the reader can determine at a glance whether the information in the newsletter is pertinent to them.

Varied content is a useful strategy. If the reader doesn't find the first article in your newsletter interesting, they may find other articles interesting that will keep them engaged. Offering variety for your audience in each newsletter can achieve just that.

Instead of focusing on the length, developing a wide range of content geared toward your email audience is a better way to improve your readership and the overall engagement of your customers and prospects over time.

At Newsletter Station
Every client at Newsletter Station has two version of their newsletter created for them. The full-length newsletter typically contains a total of 12 article links, plus a cartoon, trivia question and quote. The shorter news brief includes 8 article links but does not include a cartoon, trivia question or quote. Clients pick the version best suited to their business and readers.

Jeff Ferry
Founder, CEO
Newsletter Station

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