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Customizing the 'From' Email Address of Your Newsletter

June 19, 2020

Customizing the 'From' Email Address of Your Newsletter
Many businesses put a lot of thought into the subject line of their email marketing campaigns, but neglect to put much thought into the 'from' field. This is a big oversight that can dramatically affect the delivery and open rate of your email campaigns.

In many cases, the from email address will not be seen by the recipient, however, for replies and forwards this will be visible. While a recognized 'from' email address delivers some level of branding, the bigger impact is in the email deliverability. Sending with a 'from' email address that matches your web domain can improve your open rate and offers you a better chance of having your email delivered to the inbox.

The question for many businesses is what to put before the @ in the 'from' email address. Many senders continue to use the ever-popular noreply@. While this does alleviate the need to monitor an email address, it also gives the impression to your recipients that you're not interested in correspondence, instead favoring only a one-way relationship.

The fact that the domain address should be yours is obvious, although this will require domain verification through your email service provider. Once you determine you're going to use your domain address the next issue is what to place before the @ symbol. Some options include your own email address, newsletter@, alerts@, or updates@. Some businesses have even chosen to be more creative with email addresses such as foryou@ or customerlove@.

Whatever email address you choose as the sender for your campaigns, it is critical that this account is monitored and any replies to the email are welcomed and addressed promptly.

At Newsletter Station
We verify the domain address for all user accounts at Newsletter Station. Once we complete this simple process, the email newsletters we manage for our users arrive in the inbox of their subscribers from their email address. This process helps to keep email newsletters out of spam folders and improves newsletter deliverability. This also ensures that our users receive direct replies to their newsletters.

Jeff Ferry
Founder, CEO
Newsletter Station

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