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Why You Should Remove Unengaged Subscribers

May 15, 2020

Why You Should Remove Unengaged Subscribers
You probably already know the importance of removing bounced email addresses from your email list to improve deliverability. But you may not know that it is also worthwhile to periodically remove unengaged subscribers from your email database.

An unengaged or inactive subscriber can have a negative impact on the overall delivery of your email campaign. There are two types of inactive subscribers to consider in this scenario.

The first is the never active subscriber. This is a person who signed up to receive your email newsletter and fell flat from there. They have never opened a single email.

Clearly, these are not the best email contacts to have on your list, and their lack of action may negatively impact your email campaign's delivery. Before removing them, you may want to send them an email inquiring if they would still like to be on your email list. If you do not get a response, you can remove them from the email list. However, you may wish to do so by deleting the email address rather than unsubscribing the address, as unsubscribing is difficult to undo.

The second type of inactive subscriber is unengaged. In these case the subscriber was active, opening and clicking your emails, but has gone dormant for an extended period. Again, you may wish to send a reengagement email. If you get no response from your reengagement efforts, and the subscriber remains unengaged it would be best for your future campaigns to delete their email address from your list.

Pruning unengaged and inactive email addresses from your email list will have a positive impact on your email campaign delivery results over time.

At Newsletter Station
We may remove subscribers from user email lists if those subscribers have not opened email newsletters over an extended period. This ensures that our user lists have a high email open rate reducing the potential for emails ending up in subscriber junk folders. This process also reduces the total number of subscribers on our user's lists to ensure they do not pay for subscribers who are not opening their newsletters.

Jeff Ferry
Founder, CEO
Newsletter Station

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