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Should Your Email Resize For Better View On Smart Phones?

December 8, 2019

Should Your Email Resize For Better View On Smart Phones?
Just like your web site, it's critical that your emails look great on mobile devices. You typically have one opportunity with your email to get the reader's attention.

With more and more people accessing their email from a mobile device, it has become imperative that the design of your email looks great regardless of whether it's viewed on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

With staggering numbers such as 47% or higher of all emails opened on a mobile device, you would be remiss in you're not ensuring that the design is optimal for these devices. Standard email campaigns can look small, with the text virtually illegible, as the email sizes to fit the small screen of a mobile device.

Responsive emails instead change the layout of the email, typically into a single column. But what really makes responsive design for your email marketing so critical to your campaign success is that the text is enlarged.

The words are then legible on even a smartphone, making it necessary for the recipient to have to deal with the frustration of zooming in and out just to read the text.

To set up a responsive email campaign the coding needs to be altered using something called media queries that detect the screen size and resize text, columns, and images accordingly. By ensuring that your email marketing campaign looks great on any device, you can give your email marketing campaigns the best chance at success.

At Newsletter Station
We use the Litmus program to thoroughly test the email newsletter layout for our users. The Litmus program tests the email across dozens of browser and email client combinations. All our user email newsletters are specifically designed to look great and will be easy to read, on full computer screens, laptop screens and tablet screens. Plus we take special care to ensure our user newsletters will correctly resize for view on smart phones.

Jeff Ferry
Founder, CEO
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