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Should You Scrub Your Email Contact List?

January 20, 2020

Should You Scrub Your Email Contact List?
Keeping your email list as clean and free of bad addresses as possible can go a long way to affecting the deliverability of your campaign. You may be surprised by what constitutes a "bad address".

It goes without saying that you should always remove duplicate and bad, or bounced, email addresses from your list. There are two different types of email bounces – hard bounces and soft bounces. A hard bounce is an email that cannot be delivered for a permanent reason, such as an invalid or blocked email address.

On the contrary, a soft bounce is typically a temporary condition but should be monitored to see if future emails go through. While hard bounces should be immediately removed from the list, if soft bounces continue over time these should also be removed. When an auto-reply contains a new email address for a subscriber, this should be updated to continue to ensure your list integrity.

Alias email addresses refer to generic emails like sales@ and support@. Many email service providers do not deliver mail to these addresses, which can affect the deliverability of your entire campaign. It is wise to remove any generic alias email addresses from your list prior to sending.

By tracking your email campaign results, you will be able to identify over time those contacts that are disengaged. Disengaged email addresses are those that have stopped opening and clicking on your email campaigns. Continuing to send to these addresses will create a lower open rate on your campaign, causing your emails to be marked more often as spam and damaging your sender credibility.

Maintaining your email list and scrubbing it frequently will have a positive effect on your overall campaign deliverability.

At Newsletter Station
If Newsletter Station users have subscribers on their lists that do not open their newsletter for an extended period, those email addresses may be removed from the user account. This ensures Newsletter Station client lists have a high email open rate reducing the potential for emails ending up in the subscriber junk folder. This process also reduces the total number of subscribers for Newsletter Station users to ensure they do not pay for subscribers who are not opening their newsletters.

Jeff Ferry
Founder, CEO
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